Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Passing Randomness

I've had some thoughts lately and none of them are really long enough to make their own whatever so they'll just all be jumbled into one collage of fun.

I was watching Friday Night Lights last week I think and the daughter on the show told her mom that she didn't know why they went to church.  Her mom got really worried and talked to her about why she felt church was important.  She said that she thought church was important because it will be "something that can hold you, when I'm not able to hold you anymore."  I thought this was the coolest thought about religion, or really anything that holds you.  We all need those things that we can hold us back when we have to grow up.  Especially when we don't want to grow up.

Less serious thought:  I love the spring.  Honestly I really do.  But I also pretty much hate it because all these bugs and their bug friends come out.  I may have told this story before when I was small my dad would always kill spiders for me.  And before he would kill them he would take a close look at them and say "Oh! it's a jumping spider!"  In my little head I would always think "Oh man, I wonder how he knows which spiders jump?!"  It took me a legit 21 years to figure out that he said that about every spider and then call him on it.  He laughed at me.  I'm pretty sure he worried about my sanity.  But anyway, here in lovely AA, there are actually spiders that jump.  They legit jump.  Well this morning I woke up, looked at the wall above my head and there sat a spider.  Hate that.  Then later in the morning I'm chilling on my couch and a flipping WASP flies by.  Not good.  It almost makes me miss Arizona where it's too dang hot for bugs to inhabit.

I've been having shopping problems lately.  I can't seem to stop myself.  Yet everything I've bought is of course absolutely fabulous.  I got some brilliant shoes that are somewhat like the Louboutin fabulousity that I actually want.  I got lots of sweet shirts and a fantastic straightener, and a present for my friend.  I need to stop.... but all I can think about is going to the mall.  I'm usually not like this!

That's all I've got.  I'm rambly today if you can't tell....


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Ugh! Spiders! Even so, its getting really hot in AZ-trust me, you won't miss it anymore if you come down and experience it.

Random em. :) Especially the Friday Night Lights quote.