Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I did something...

So I did something today.  But it started yesterday.  Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

First I (after being warned) tried to go up my parents driveway in the snow.  Well it didn't work, I slid back down, hit my dad's gate post, and completely destroyed my side mirror.  Like it's gone.  Like "hey that's a pretty ghetto looking car" type of gone.  It's very disappointing.  What was more disappointing was my trepidation at telling my dad that I hit his gate post.  Before you worry about my safety (because I did), the gate post has no damage.  Like a scratch that's an inch long and that's it, kind of damage.  But still, not a good way to start off the day.  Then nothing was working correctly at work, and to top it all off my baby had to go to the doctor where we found out he had a mild case of croup and a double ear infection!

Anyway, not an awesome day.  So today we went to Target where I got to spend my Christmas gift card on stuff only for me!  Well.  Here's where it gets iffy.  First, I'm not a fashionable, bold person.  I wish I was.  I think about the outfits I would wear and how cute they would look, but I'm just not that brave.  I'm the, 'showers faster than my husband', pulls my hair up every day, prefers black slimming shirts kind of a girl.  But I took a chance.

I bought colored jeans.

They still have the tag on them though, so they could go back to the store.  We'll see.  I haven't even had the courage to try them on yet.

But in other news, my son, the extreme flirt, has a new method for reelin' in the ladies.  When he's showing off he makes this face (dubbed by his father as his "sexy face"):

Who could resist this face?!