Monday, April 28, 2008

The Train

So for the first time in three years I got stopped today at this one train crossing by my house and I was reminded how much I love living near the train. I love hearing that sound at night when I'm going to sleep. I don't know what it is about the train but it's so comforting. I also realized just how massive those things are. I was in my huge expedition and it was rocking the car back and forth. I just can't get over how much I love the noise of the cars going over the tracks and the sound it makes when it goes across the roads.

So let's talk about homework a little bit. I don't mind doing homework and I don't mind that teachers assign it. I mean I know that they need it to assess our progress and see how much we've learned, but I do have a problem with their philosophy on when they assign it. All of my teachers seem to think that their class is the only one in my little universe and I should be able to devote all my time to them! And they decided that the last week of school would be the perfect time to assign one paper, one homework assignment, and study for a final too, for each class. According to the university for each credit hour I take I should be spending 3 hours outside of class for that one class. So I'm not taking a ton of credits, I'm not taking very much at all (sore subject don't talk to me about it), but it's still 14 credits. This means, that aside from the time I spend in class, the 20 hours I work a week, I should also be spending 42 hours on homework. Well I could do that since my job is fairly easy and I usually just do homework anyway, but that's an insane amount of time on school. There are so many other things I want to do with my life! It's also my personal philosophy that I don't do homework when I'm with other people. So if I'm with my sisters or my friends want to hang out, I don't do my homework. While I have been known to put a few things off every once in a while, I get things done. But when things come at me from all sides I have trouble handling it all, especially when I'm moving. I guess my point is just that my teachers would probably get better quality work from me if they spaced out the homework a bit and weren't lazy themselves and put things off to the end. But I guess my quality is good enough for now. So now I should try and sleep my stress off a little......

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh here we go

Well I'm taking a break from my homework and thought that the perfect way to do this is to set up my blog! My page was looking pretty lonely without any post at all. So here is my first random blog thought:

I was watching the Today show this morning (first I feel weird saying I watched the Today show today because that's just akward so I think of other ways to say it at all costs, I'm really not that proper speaking) and they're talking about this guy in Alaska who is using the hot lava rocks to heat his water and save energy YAY! So they're talking about how awesome he is saving money and then they got into the initial investment this guy put into his resort or whatever it was (as you can tell I was really paying attention while doing my hair). His initial investment was 2 million dollars. So that's not a ton I guess when you're looking at investments but then they said the return on it was really high. This is where my thought comes in: He's saving money on energy costs, he's not selling his hot rocks, just using the Alaskan terrain to heat his business, how does he get a return on his money? Do you really get a return or just in the long run you pay less..... I guess my problem is how does this guy actually earn back his 2 mil, or is his logic I'm going to spend 2 mil on some rocks instead of to gas companies. And ya he's saving the environment whatev, big deal, I powered a tv for 3 hours yesterday by recycling my aluminum can. I don't know, maybe a pointless rambling but I'm just not convinced the guy is making any money. Plus he's tearing up the Alaskan aura which I'm sure somebody will be upset about, although that's not the person I am either..... Eh just an interesting story.

So there we go, first blog.