Saturday, October 24, 2009


I love leggins, don't get me wrong. I do not however, think that they are pants. I am not dellusional, and while I think I have an okay booty, it is not that nice. No one's is. I just don't understand why girls think that it's okay to wear leggings as pants. It just doesn't look good. Your legs just don't look that nice. Apparently though this is a great trend here in Ann Arbor. Odd girls will wear leggings, baggy shirts, sweaters, scarves and boots because it's cold.....but they're cold because they're not wearing pants. I don't know how this trend started, or was endorsed for that matter because every fashion designer I have ever heard has said "Leggings are not pants" but start it has and some fool girls have caught on or something.... Please don't expect me to ever catch on though, because if that is fashion (and I sincerely doubt it), then I am happy and pleased to never be fashionable.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Krazy Jim's Blimpie Burger

So this place was featured on Food Network by Guy Fieri. So when Abbey came we decided we should definitely try it out. And let me tell you it was really good. But I really hate the guy working there. I want to punch him in the face. I will go back but when I do, I am fairly sure I am going to be as rude as I am capable of being to someone who is handling my food. And here's why. The method that you order in that place is screwy, and it makes it painfully obvious if you've never been there before. Which is fine, ya know every place like that has to have some kind of schtick. Here's my problem. Just because I've never been there before does not mean you get to patronize me. I am not a moron and just because I've never used your random form of ordering does not mean that I am not capable of rapidly adjusting. The fool who I think has worked there for more than ten years and will continue to work there long after I'm gone told me that I needed a tray. Thanks, didn't see them at first. And then I only got one, because Abbey and I are not going to eat that much and we were paying together. In my analytical head there was no reason to waste another one. Then fool says in the most patronizing voice I have ever heard "She's going to need one too if she wants to eat." Do you want to know what I wanted to do with the tray? No but it played out like another scenario of have mused over involving a very large book. I DESPISE being talked down to. And if the hamburgers were not as good as they were I would not ever go back. But I think whoever goes with me may have to restrain me if that guy is working when I'm there.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Definition: Happiness

Just a few things that make me happy all the time:

Mm beautifully defined boys. The kind that make you stare, and loose track of time because you're staring. The kind that make me sure that I would stutter if I talked to them, and then get quite pink and giggle. (The stuttering part has actually happened to me before so not that far off) I know it's a shock that someone as serious and well put together as I could imagine giggling from a mere look but it can happen. I won't go on more because honestly I would never move on but for visual evidence please take a beautiful moment and read my sister's blog Yuh-UM.

Imagining shopping. And I say imagining here because I have really expensive taste. Don't get me wrong I am not a high maintenance girl (whole other explanation for another post), but I love expensive things. Not because they're expensive, it's just what I'm drawn to. I was about to buy boots the other day ($30 so don't get excited) and they didn't have my size, so I went looking. And ran across these beautiful specimens of shoe love: Christian Louboutin.

Oh man even his name conjures images of beautiful shoes and how amazing my feet would look if only I were wearing them. But these shoes, are so amazing I had to stare for a good long time. The entire time thinking to myself what I would have to do to make them mine.
He also has a beautiful variety of boots but I could not pick just one picture. This love of beautiful shoes and other expensive clothing and jewelry plays quite well into my dream of having a job where I get to dress up every day in things like this. Feeding this addiction is this months Lucky magazine. I think I found about 20 pieces of jewelry in there that I wanted. Unfortunately they were all over $150. I think I also need to move on from this because I could gush on this as well (translate: reader boredom).

Family visits. This week has not been particularly good as weeks in school go. But I have been increasingly happy despite that because tonight my sister is coming! And to my sheer and utter delight I found out on Sunday that my daddy is also coming in! I'm a total family time whore and openly admit this.
Things about this trip I'm excited for: Actually going to restaurants. Pictures! My facebook sorely needs a new one ; ). Shopping. Going to see movies. People watching with actually someone to talk to again. Football with someone to talk to. My phone bill hopefully decreasing slightly (jk not).

Cleaning. Insert your "woman's place" jokes here, then watch me punch you in the face. This is not a commentary on who should do what in the house, this is a statement of personal preference. I love it when things are clean. The end. And like the cleaning nerd I am I bought a vacuum a couple weeks ago and used it for the first time last night while preparing for my sister to come. Oh man, it's so fulfilling to use it! No more dirt. I can finally relax.

Random Conversations with Cory. If I had the time/patience I would put the conversation we just finished on here because it was golden. We just go back and forth adding a line to the story and laughing. It makes the day go by so much better when every ten minutes I have a new email.

Ah Happiness. Such a beautiful thing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oh how I miss you.

Picture this: It's 5:30 in the morning and your alarm has just gone off. Normally this is not a good thing but today is different. You get up and drive to the mall to catch a bus which takes you all the way across Albuquerque to Balloon Fiesta Park. The city is just waking up and it's cold. And then you see hundreds of balloons spread out across the Park in various stages of set-up and taking off. For the next 4 hours you watch balloons get laid out, blown up, and then take off.

Alternative: It's about 7:00 at night and again it's cold. You again drive to the mall to take a bus to Balloon Fiesta Park. Tonight when you get there however the balloons only get blown up, they do not take off. And you get to wander through the balloons and watch while lit propane gets pumped into their insides lighting them somewhat like a glowing pumpkin.

They're massive and such fun shapes. Not just the normal balloon shape or the skinnier racing shape, but special shapes too, like the Shoe from the old woman who lived in a shoe, the haunted house, smokey the bear, the bees (a girl and boy)... And then you have the smells of the one-of-a-kind breakfast burritos that only New Mexico can truly make, and doughnuts and funnel cake, coffee, hot chocolate, basically everything good in life. These are all the things I miss right now. This is the first year I've missed it. Ah well, at least I have Kara to text me pictures of it :).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wake Up Call

Dear Right Knee,
We have a long 22 year history together and I just want to start out by saying that I know how you feel. I also know that I perhaps have not taken the best care of you. I broke your femur, tore your ACL and then didn't fix it for 9 months, then after those surgeries I didn't ever wear a brace. I know, it was bad. So I totally understand the revenge you see fit to have on me when I start playing soccer again, or running, or just going up stairs. I get it. I am trying to do better at taking care of you. I also know that the cold bothers you. I'm pretty sure it's from the screws but I'm not sure because it doesn't happen all the time. But anyway here's my point. Man up knee. I live in a cold place now and so you had better get used to it being cold. 55 degrees is not that cold, so you better get used to it. I love ya but really drastic actions will be taken if you don't man up.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


There are some things in my world that makes me so happy I would qualify it as giddy. I think about them, I'm immediately happy, I smile no matter what is going on (which occasionally makes me look like the village idiot), and sometimes when speaking about them I just laugh because I'm happy. Most of the time oddly (or in a more philisophical sense, more telling of my mental health) these this things are small, and really random. Because I'm happy, I write. And I promised Abbey I'd show her.

Acorns. I am from the desert. I have of course visited other regions of the continent but never long enough to study, really study, the trees. So this is the first time I have come in contact with acorns. And they make me happy. First because they are so small and yet so perfectly represented by tv and movies. This acorn is less than an inch tall. And they're exactly how I imagined them (and despite the inference I do not spend massive amounts of time day dreaming about acorns). Second, a great deal of my fascination could possibly come from Ice Age because Scrat and his acorn quest is one of the better parts of that movie. I also maybe don't know what my fascination is but I really can't deny that they're just awesome. They're so perfectly small.

Alright so I am, as previously mentioned, from the desert. The land of cacti and trees that don't change color all year round. There have been accusations of those two things translating to 'ugliness' but I really like it. The snow on green trees and cactus is really something that everyone should see. But as  we only have conifers in my region I have not been exposed to the changing of the leaves. And everytime I see a tree with changing leaves I really want to take a picture because some irrational part of me feels like I may never see this again. This can also serve as a warning that there will be many more pictures of trees in your blog reading future. I have only had the opportunity to take pictures once though so I just have a couple today.

I had to mess with this picture a little bit using my lame photo editor so you can't see the sky which was pretty awesome since it was about to downpour, but the tree is there...

Um can you even look at this and not think it is the most gorgeous thing ever? This is what I get to watch as I drive around and so it must not be surprising how it can make me giddy. I also messed with this pic a little bit just to get the colors to pop since my camera isn't the best thing ever (just wait though because someday soon I'll have an excellent camera! If Kara helps me that is : ) But just to prove that the picture is still amazing here's the original:

I absolutely adore that you can look at one tree and see so many beautiful colors. There is one kind of tree here that I've not yet been able to capture that is relatively skinny and tall and kind of sparse but the color change starts at the center of the tree and turns the dark green leaves to a beautiful blood red. The color radiates from the center. I almost can't describe it because it's so gorgeous. I wish I could capture the beauty as I see it, but I'll keep trying!