Friday, October 23, 2009

Krazy Jim's Blimpie Burger

So this place was featured on Food Network by Guy Fieri. So when Abbey came we decided we should definitely try it out. And let me tell you it was really good. But I really hate the guy working there. I want to punch him in the face. I will go back but when I do, I am fairly sure I am going to be as rude as I am capable of being to someone who is handling my food. And here's why. The method that you order in that place is screwy, and it makes it painfully obvious if you've never been there before. Which is fine, ya know every place like that has to have some kind of schtick. Here's my problem. Just because I've never been there before does not mean you get to patronize me. I am not a moron and just because I've never used your random form of ordering does not mean that I am not capable of rapidly adjusting. The fool who I think has worked there for more than ten years and will continue to work there long after I'm gone told me that I needed a tray. Thanks, didn't see them at first. And then I only got one, because Abbey and I are not going to eat that much and we were paying together. In my analytical head there was no reason to waste another one. Then fool says in the most patronizing voice I have ever heard "She's going to need one too if she wants to eat." Do you want to know what I wanted to do with the tray? No but it played out like another scenario of have mused over involving a very large book. I DESPISE being talked down to. And if the hamburgers were not as good as they were I would not ever go back. But I think whoever goes with me may have to restrain me if that guy is working when I'm there.


Abbey said...

I'm totally laughin'! The guy was a total dbag.
Um, I forgot how much I love the My Chemical Romance song Dead!

Heidi said...

Such a jerk. Fool.