Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Memories

In the spirit of Chrstimas I was thinking about all of my favorite memories from those times and when I was little. So here are just a few. I share them because sharing memories is like sharing yourself and you can see what inspires people and what has really made an impression on them because those are the things they remember the most.
So first one of my favorite things is that every Christmas morning I am the one who gets to seperate all the presents and decide where people sit. I also love it that no one has realized that I give myself the best seat every year. Haha. But one year I came out really early and just started seperating the presents not even thinking about it and I had them all seperated when mom came out. She was a little upset because she hadn't taken a picture of the tree yet and I had to put every single present back, take a picture and then seperate them again. So after that I have taken a picture of the tree FIRST before seperating everything.
Another favorite memory is being little, before we moved so before I was seven and was really into Santa. Abbey and I used to wake up really! early and Megan too, and to pass the time before mom and dad got up we would sort of just sift through what was under the tree and guess what we had all gotten. Then we would all just kind of lay on the living room floor and talk about what we'd do with our presents and stuff like this. I just realized that by that point in time Abbey and Megan were already older than me and were totally playing along the santa thing for my benefit and that's so cool! I don't have anyone little that I could pretend for so I never thought about it but it must have been so fun to see me get so excited.
Okie, last one I'll share, one of my favorite traditions is every Christmas day after all our presents are open Lauren, my best friend, and I call eachother and discuss what we got and what we're excited about. It's not too monumental but it's so nice to talk to her even though she's never with me and be excited about what she got and have all kinds of fun talking.
So there's just a couple of my fun memories for Christmas. If you want you should leave your own!

On to family memories..

I'm finally done with the semester!!! All the tests, all the homework, all the projects, and all the graduate applications! So what this means is that I have time to finally do something other than school. Like finally read again or spend time with my family. And family is the subject of this post. I was talking to a friend recently and ended up asking them what their favorite part of spending time with their family. And then I thought about my favorite part of being with my family and thought I would write it down and share everything.
So this is what I decided the absolute best time was when all my family is together. When we're all together as a family we usually play games and I love it. We all sit together and usually end up laughing hilariously, like when we played Curses and all had weird things going on. It's just amazing to listen to everyone talk and laugh and tease each other. Those are the memories that I love the most because when we're all together we end up just being really happy and our teasing personalities just make everything so much fun. And we're all just so dang smart that the games are fun that way too. Challenging and just being together. And we always manage to figure out new things about each other, like how my mom can pick out specific people only from their profession and dates they lived. Haha I'm pretty sure we were all floored when she got four of those in a row in Smart Ass.
I love spending time with my family whatever we're doing I just picked out games as the time when everything is good and everyone ends up amazingly happy and at random times I just think of those times and start laughing. Ha and then I look like the weirdo I am.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reasons why I'm weird.

Today is dedicated to my weirdness. Well it's my nature so I don't think it's weird but some other people might think it is. Okay first is my outlook on finals. Every year, semester after semester, people freak out about finals time and midterms, and for me, finals are the easiest part of the entire semester in every class. Maybe that's because of the classes I take where the projects are really the worst part, but finals have never worried me. I know it's 4 tests in two days but I just don't worry about them and I'm fairly sure they're be ridiculously easy.... Haha I hope I'm right about that. Usually what I'm stressing about is the homework or projects that teachers make due now, not the tests. Maybe that means I'm a good test taker...
Second is waiting. I don't have a problem doing it. For example, I finally finished my applications!!! And now I just have to wait I think until March for them to tell me if I got in or not. But I don't care. The hardest most stressful part of the process was actually pushing the submit button and letting my applications float through the ether to where they will actually be judged. Scary!! But now I don't care that I'm waiting. I don't care about waiting for my GRE scores either, which by the way should be here now. Maybe my mom already has them and just hasn't told me.... haha doubt that though. Dad maybe has them since he is the one who checks the mail, not mom. I guess though that Kara was right about this one, all the work I had to do is done now so it's no more stress.
Last is the fact that I keep buying things that I'll someday need. Well at least rationalizing it that way. See I have a love of jackets. All kinds, trench coats, big puffy ones, sweaters. I love them all and I'm totally in the wrong state for that right now. But! I'm going to grad school someplace else, maybe someplace ridiculously cold! So I'm going to need the jackets so it's okay that I'm buying them... Ha I think I just want an excuse but whatev.

So there's my random things about myself. For no good reason. Time to go finish some anatomy homework for Thursday :).