Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good Girls Go Where?

They go to Paris.  Did you know that?  I sure didn't.  I didn't even know there's a movie about it, but there is.  The movie was made in 1939 (probably a key point in why I didn't know it was out there).

"Jenny Swanson, a waitress on a college campus, is dying to visit Paris. Thanks to English professor Ronald Brooke, she manages to make her dream come true"

Sounds absolutely fascinating right?  Maybe more so now that I've seen the movie poster hanging in the restaurant I went to on Saturday.  The restaurant Good Girls Go To Paris.  I was absolutely fascinated with the place.  I loved the decor so much and the menu of 50 different kinds of fresh made crepes had me sold.  This little outing marked the first thing on my Bucket List.  Although this particular restaurant or the following activity weren't explicitly on the list, I think it all counts.  And since it's my list, my rules.

How adorable is this place?!  I loved it.  And being there with my sister (who I loved having visit over the weekend) and 8 of my other friends, my Saturday was almost heavenly.  But after stuffing my face with a crepe (that did not have anything sweet in it : ), we decided to go to....

wait for it....

a Roller Derby Match.

Um.  Can my day get any more exciting?!  The answer to that is definitely a NO!

I had so much fun learning the rules of a match (I'd like to be a Jammer), and coming up with my own kick-a derby name (still in the works), and just generally watching the people who comes to these kinds of things.  It.  Was.  Fascinating.

And spending time with this group of people is always a win.  I would show the picture of how my hair would be, were I to be a derby girl, but I think Elizabeth might object as she's in the picture too : ).

Overall, for my first Bucket List selection, it was fantastic.  I can't wait for more.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ready for Easter!

So, I'm not Catholic.  I've been many times on Easter and Christmas but I've never adhered to the traditions such as Mardi Gras and Lent.  That all changes this year : ).

This year I've decided to observe the tradition of Lent and give up all kinds of candy, chocolate, and cookies.  I realize that 40 days is a long time, and those 40 days do include my birthday.... but I think I can do it!  I'm going to put forth my best effort.

And in honor of the excess before the cutting off:

My favorite kinds of cookies.  I made 24 and I've already eaten 10 of them.  It's much easier to give something up when I feel sick just thinking about it : ).  So here's to sugar, my impossible sweet tooth (that began early btw), and giving it all up for self improvement!