Sunday, October 4, 2009


There are some things in my world that makes me so happy I would qualify it as giddy. I think about them, I'm immediately happy, I smile no matter what is going on (which occasionally makes me look like the village idiot), and sometimes when speaking about them I just laugh because I'm happy. Most of the time oddly (or in a more philisophical sense, more telling of my mental health) these this things are small, and really random. Because I'm happy, I write. And I promised Abbey I'd show her.

Acorns. I am from the desert. I have of course visited other regions of the continent but never long enough to study, really study, the trees. So this is the first time I have come in contact with acorns. And they make me happy. First because they are so small and yet so perfectly represented by tv and movies. This acorn is less than an inch tall. And they're exactly how I imagined them (and despite the inference I do not spend massive amounts of time day dreaming about acorns). Second, a great deal of my fascination could possibly come from Ice Age because Scrat and his acorn quest is one of the better parts of that movie. I also maybe don't know what my fascination is but I really can't deny that they're just awesome. They're so perfectly small.

Alright so I am, as previously mentioned, from the desert. The land of cacti and trees that don't change color all year round. There have been accusations of those two things translating to 'ugliness' but I really like it. The snow on green trees and cactus is really something that everyone should see. But as  we only have conifers in my region I have not been exposed to the changing of the leaves. And everytime I see a tree with changing leaves I really want to take a picture because some irrational part of me feels like I may never see this again. This can also serve as a warning that there will be many more pictures of trees in your blog reading future. I have only had the opportunity to take pictures once though so I just have a couple today.

I had to mess with this picture a little bit using my lame photo editor so you can't see the sky which was pretty awesome since it was about to downpour, but the tree is there...

Um can you even look at this and not think it is the most gorgeous thing ever? This is what I get to watch as I drive around and so it must not be surprising how it can make me giddy. I also messed with this pic a little bit just to get the colors to pop since my camera isn't the best thing ever (just wait though because someday soon I'll have an excellent camera! If Kara helps me that is : ) But just to prove that the picture is still amazing here's the original:

I absolutely adore that you can look at one tree and see so many beautiful colors. There is one kind of tree here that I've not yet been able to capture that is relatively skinny and tall and kind of sparse but the color change starts at the center of the tree and turns the dark green leaves to a beautiful blood red. The color radiates from the center. I almost can't describe it because it's so gorgeous. I wish I could capture the beauty as I see it, but I'll keep trying!


Abbey said...

Acorns!!! I need a gigantic gallon ziplock bag full.