Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friend Love

I'm a big believer in telling the people you appreciate that you appreciate them. The fact is though, that I'm terrible at it. I often think to myself how awesome someone in my life is and how much I love them, or I'll tell someone else that I know how awesome they are, but I rarely tell them. So this is a baby step in that direction. I also happen to be much better at writing my feelings than talking them. And this will also tell everyone else what awesome friends I have. So I'm hoping to gradually work up to an honorary post for everyone that I love, but it may take me a while because there's a lot to add! That's a lie. It's going to take me a while. I am loving it already though because I get to walk through my memories and laugh and cry and miss and love! So here is the first of many to come.

The year was 2007.
The month was August.
The day was irrelevant.
Sarah moved into the same house and into my life.
Was it love at first sight? No. But only because Sarah went home every weekend and I went to my sisters a lot. It took a few weeks for us to get around to real conversations. But then Halloween came around. It was our first big outing together. And it was fun. The first of many to come.
Some might say it was all downhill from there. A typical day for us would be this:
Sarah goes to class.
Heidi goes to class.
They meet for lunch then go home to watch Hannah Montana.
Sarah and Heidi go back to class.
They come home.
Watch more Hannah.
Various evening activities.
Late at night, both are doing homework and Heidi calls to Sarah (or vice versa) "Sarah, I hate homework. Sonic run."
They go to Sonic.
The day ends and begins again.
Most memorable sonic trip occurred late one night, after midnight because we barely made it to sonic before they closed. On the way home we get pulled over. Sarah is driving and we are both in pajamas. I had no shoes and only the $1.25 to get my drink. Cop comes to the window and asks if we know why he pulled us over. We have no idea. Turns out our lights were off. Oops! Then the cop says (verbatim), "Did you guys rob anyone tonight?" Well look at us. We do look like the epitome of shady.
After we said no he asked if we had any weapons in the car. This is my favorite part of the story because S looks around her car....... and then answers no. HA! We haven't to this day figured out why she looked around her car.

We've had so many times like this I can't even count them. We've had vent sessions where we're just yelled! We talk about everything, especially the boys and always have fun with whatever we do.
We have had lots of other fun adventures. Snowboarding in New Mexico, trips to sunny Mexico by the beach, Jerome, concerts, and other random excursions that we go on whenever the mood strikes. I love that Sarah will go out and do things with me, and even more that she loves to take pictures with me! And opportunity we have, we're taking pictures.

Things I love about my Sawah:

*She always makes me laugh

*She always tells me I look pretty.....ugly!

*Always up for a sonic run, and boy we need them all the time!

*She is always introducing me to new wonderful kinds of music.

*Our Hannah Montana/Panic! screaming sessions/car riding/drinking Monster times were the best times of my college experience.

*Our musical playlists are the definition of awesome.

I miss S soooooooooo much I always think of times we had and see pictures of us and miss the days we lived together. She is my favorite and one of the smartest girls I know! Not only is she smart, about to graduate, going to be an amazing doctor, my bestest friend, but she's also gorgeouso!!! Just look at that shot -

Sawah, S, Sarah, many names to me but I absolutely love her. And she better come see me soon!


sar.bear said...

Awww h I meees you too! I want to come visit you very very soon.. The separation is keeeling meee.. .your post made me happy :]