Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ah good times

Here's a couple of reasons I like being an engineer. Because I like to listen to their insane conversations. Granted I have had weird engineering discussions, just ask my friends or my sister even. But these two just made me laugh today.

*Number one. Walk past this kid as he proclaims the he doesn't have to pay for water in his apartment. Awesome! So he's considering putting a waterwheel in his bathtub. Sadly, this is the only part of the conversation that I heard. Haha so it is pure conjecture that his waterwheel is actually for electrical generation. Haha Oh man I would love to see it though.

*Number two. Kids I am fairly sure were freshmen were discussing how long it would take them to get to their dorm. Valid question. Then they proceed to say that how long it will take will depend on only the length of your stride. Then they were both trying to *totally naturally* figure out how long their stride was. They came up with some number and then were completely stumped as to why they couldn't get it. It was HIlarious. ***Insert my own engineeringism that I can't not put in*** You can't figure it out without the rate at which you're taking strides, no matter what the stride length is....Ha better luck next time boys.

This is why I love it. And whenever I talk randomly start laughing because I realize people could be listening to me too.


Lau said...

i am an engineer too!!well..i'm trying to be an engineer!!!i only have to pass 2 more years between books and i'll become it!!!!good luck from another spanish woman engineer