Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I just can't contain it!

I apparently have too much time on my hands.... Or just too many things to say to contain them all in one space. We'll go with the second one, it makes me sound less lame. BUT because of that reason, I just had to go and start two more blogs.

The first one is making me so excited I almost can't stand it. If you remember my post from a couple weeks ago on obsessions this should come as no surprise. I, along with my beautiful friends Kara and Cory, and my sis Abbey, have started a blog where we get to review whatever we want. Movies, tv, music, books,...whatever we see. And since I'm a nerd, I used our initials to spell HACK. So we're hack-y critics and we're just around to have fun. I am SO excited about this not just because I get to share my opinions, which let's face it, are pure gold, but I also get to listen to my friends who are some of the funniest people I've met. So if you want to hack it up with us, check it out hither!

The second one really speaks more to my nerdness and OCD tendencies regarding list making. My lovely friend Cory (same as from above) thought it would be fun to start a blog where we just list things that we love; current obsessions, things to do in Albuquerque, study tips, whatever. So she's way more awesome at it then I am, but I get to enjoy basking in her shared light and pretending I'm just as smart! That blog can be found here! Both those links are also on the side of my blog under my blogs of interest.

So partly this is just fun because I get to write more, and I love writing! Yes I know I ramble sometimes, but it's just because I'm excited. Also, have someone tell me that they read what I wrote and then tell me their opinion or that they thought it was funny or I'm stupid or whatever, pretty much makes my year. So if you want to see more of my thoughts, or even better read the thoughts of my famously funny friends check it out! Anything to avoid homework right?! Here's the real reason I am so excited though. I LOVE talking to my friends and anyone about entertainment things like this. I love feeling that connection and critiqueing and laughing. But most of all, I love talking to the people that I love who are so far away and feeling like they're still near me because we all watched Glee today.