Friday, October 16, 2009

Definition: Happiness

Just a few things that make me happy all the time:

Mm beautifully defined boys. The kind that make you stare, and loose track of time because you're staring. The kind that make me sure that I would stutter if I talked to them, and then get quite pink and giggle. (The stuttering part has actually happened to me before so not that far off) I know it's a shock that someone as serious and well put together as I could imagine giggling from a mere look but it can happen. I won't go on more because honestly I would never move on but for visual evidence please take a beautiful moment and read my sister's blog Yuh-UM.

Imagining shopping. And I say imagining here because I have really expensive taste. Don't get me wrong I am not a high maintenance girl (whole other explanation for another post), but I love expensive things. Not because they're expensive, it's just what I'm drawn to. I was about to buy boots the other day ($30 so don't get excited) and they didn't have my size, so I went looking. And ran across these beautiful specimens of shoe love: Christian Louboutin.

Oh man even his name conjures images of beautiful shoes and how amazing my feet would look if only I were wearing them. But these shoes, are so amazing I had to stare for a good long time. The entire time thinking to myself what I would have to do to make them mine.
He also has a beautiful variety of boots but I could not pick just one picture. This love of beautiful shoes and other expensive clothing and jewelry plays quite well into my dream of having a job where I get to dress up every day in things like this. Feeding this addiction is this months Lucky magazine. I think I found about 20 pieces of jewelry in there that I wanted. Unfortunately they were all over $150. I think I also need to move on from this because I could gush on this as well (translate: reader boredom).

Family visits. This week has not been particularly good as weeks in school go. But I have been increasingly happy despite that because tonight my sister is coming! And to my sheer and utter delight I found out on Sunday that my daddy is also coming in! I'm a total family time whore and openly admit this.
Things about this trip I'm excited for: Actually going to restaurants. Pictures! My facebook sorely needs a new one ; ). Shopping. Going to see movies. People watching with actually someone to talk to again. Football with someone to talk to. My phone bill hopefully decreasing slightly (jk not).

Cleaning. Insert your "woman's place" jokes here, then watch me punch you in the face. This is not a commentary on who should do what in the house, this is a statement of personal preference. I love it when things are clean. The end. And like the cleaning nerd I am I bought a vacuum a couple weeks ago and used it for the first time last night while preparing for my sister to come. Oh man, it's so fulfilling to use it! No more dirt. I can finally relax.

Random Conversations with Cory. If I had the time/patience I would put the conversation we just finished on here because it was golden. We just go back and forth adding a line to the story and laughing. It makes the day go by so much better when every ten minutes I have a new email.

Ah Happiness. Such a beautiful thing.