Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Word

First a word about me. I love reading, especially during the summer because I can't concentrate on it during school. I was trying to remember all the books I've read since school ended and my count is up to 10...not including the books I can't remember (obviously) and the ones I'm currently reading. Unfortunately I've bought about 10 more books that are on my list to read. So along this line I just finished reading Eat Pray Love, which is my new favorite book. It's about a year in a woman's life so of course there are things that I didn't agree with but overall it is an incredibly enlightening book about all three of those things. But what I'm interested in at the moment is in the Eat section which takes place in Italy.

Side note: also after reading this book I am SOOO excited to go to Italy next summer I can hardly stand it and I'm going to also teach myself Italian.

But back to the point. While in Italy Liz (the writer) is talking to a man from Italy and he's telling her that each city has a word. One word that completely and totally descibes the city. Rome's word is Sex, Naples' word if Fight. Then he asks Liz, what is her word? This got me thinking, what is my word? One word that describes what I'm about and all I strive to do... Honestly I had no blinking clue as to anything that could completely describe me. How can one small word tell you anything about me? I understand how it can tell you one part of me but I kind of feel like I would be extremely boring if just one word could tell you all you need to know about me. I like to think I'm more multi-faceted than that. But then maybe I could pick a really fantastic word with a TON of letters so it says more.... Really I was just thinking all these weird thoughts because I had no idea what kind of word I would even start to pick for myself.

So after much thought and tribulation and conversation, I've come up with two options for my word. Well my word for right now in my life that I think is good enough to describe me! One of my choices is Learn. I love to learn anything about everything and anything and it's always been my ambition to learn something about absolutely everything. My second choice is Devour. And here's why; I have recently been discussing my reading with my Lauren. I said that the rate at which I devour different genre-d books actually kind of amazes me. But then I started thinking about the word devour, and not in a creepy way either, just in a verb kind of a way. I have this thing where when I'm terrified of something I just have to do it anyway, but the way in which I go about doing those things, or even anything else is sort of devouring them. I try to get through them, take all I can from them, and then move on to something new.

So those are the two things I think I boil down too. I myself and leaning towards Devour but I don't know. Maybe it will constantly be changing but I don't know if that's a good thing or not! Maybe you can tell me.


Abbey said...

Mmm I like Learn.
Bring books for me to read!