Saturday, December 5, 2009

All in a Days Work

Here's the list of things I had to do today:
 - Call about satellite tv
 - Call the car dealership about my car
 - Clean
 - Study (uh perhaps the most important)
 - Activate my credit card

And here's what I did:
 - Cleaned
 - Activated my credit card

AND Decorated for Christmas!!

That's mostly what I did today and what truly made me happy. I love Christmas decorations and this is the first year that I get to decorate and I had no decorations! So yesterday I went out and bought some lights, glass icicles (my favorite), a wreath, and some other ornaments that I got from Bronner's a couple weeks ago.

So here's the fruit of my labors. It's not as impressive in pictures, but it's awesom eand it made me look forward to a couple weeks from now when I'm crazy from school and am going to go out and drive around and look at lights. Love them.

This is my wreath. It hangs on my door. I love the gold, especially the gold pointsettias.

These are the lights that I put up in the living room. They are Shannon's lights but I thought the arrangement was fun. Perhaps not the most functional thing, but fun.

These are the lights from my window. It's from the outside so you can't really see all my embellishments but I love it.

And these are my ornaments. The ones I have given my heart to. I love how they catch the light and how they will look when they're hanging next to little twinkly lights.

Christmas Joy!


Elizabeth Downie said...

Your place looks great! We all need days like that now and then. I love decorating for Christmas too. :)