Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Activities

This is the story of a snowman.  This snowman's name is Fernando Gonzalez and he is a Mexican skier.  A fantastic Mexican skier actually.  This is his story; taking on the Ski Jump of Peril.  (For the record this is my first experience building a snowman*)  Fernando not only has but rocks a toupee, and has personalized hand-made ski poles.

The day Fernando chose to make his jump was absolutely beautiful.

Fernando gets his skis.

The Jump of Peril, staring into the face of our competitor.  Remnants of skis and other jumpers before litter the edge of the jump.  One of the other skiers who tried the jump and failed was an Ecuadorian rival Luis.  The night before the jump the two rivals had a run in with each other over a girl named Daisy.  She was stringing them both along, pitting them again each other.  Some blame Fernando for Luis' failure....

Fernando stares down the jump.  Gearing himself up for what is to come.

The face of a champion.

*Just so everyone knows Fernando was not technically my first snowman.  There has been one other.  However he was no as well established as Fernando.  Anton (the friend who helped create Fernando) graciously agreed to provide some context for my first snowman.


Oddyoddyo13 said...

What a cute snowman (and story)! This really was a brilliant post. :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, so cute! I love that he was a skier! I'm never that creative with my snowmen. Wait... that's probably because I don't stay outside long enough to make them. ;)

Abbey said...

All that snow and you only built a 2 foot tall snowman?? I must be honest Heidi & Anton, I was expecting far far more from you. Hahaha totally just kidding. And btw we built a snowman one time back in the Blossom Pl house. I think we had to use snow from EVERYONE'S yard, hahaha.

Abbey said...

Also, I LOVE the first picture. And the one where he's staring down the jump, hahahaha.

Heidi said...

Okay here's why he was only two feet tall. The snow wasn't that great. It was uber powdery and wouldn't stick together. So it just didn't work.

The one where he's staring down the jump is possibly my fav haha.