Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot that you're special...

I'm going to be honest about this, I was having kind of a hard time at church yesterday.  My mind was listening just enough to only catch onto the odd things that were said.  Most these comments were offhand but my wandering mind caught on them and could not let go.

Whoa, okay that sounds truly terrible once I admit it.  I was paying attention, I promise, my thoughts were even church related, they just were perhaps not on the topic the teacher was trying to present....

Anyway, my inattentiveness aside, one of the comments I heard and could not stop pondering was about the attitude of the people who watched Jesus grow up and could not accept that he was anything special.  The comment was something along the lines of "they were so close to Him they forgot that he was special."

This got me thinking that we do this all the time with the people who are closest to us.  For some reason we begin to take for granted the aspects that make a person special, unique, and amazing, and focus instead on the quirks that are nails on a chalkboard annoying.  Ha.  Well that's disappointing.  "I'm sorry, I was so busy hating everything you do that I really did forget that you're special!"  My bad....

So in that spirit, and the spirit of Easter and new beginnings I thought I'd say some things that I find truly special about the people I love.  But I don't want anyone to get a big head here... so I'm not naming names about these special attributes.  You're not that special.  So if you know it's you, perfection, know that I love you.  If you're not sure if it's you, assume it's you, feel special, and know that I love you.  If you don't think any of them are actually about you, pick your favorite, and know that I love you :).

*  You can talk to anyone.  Truly.  I'm in awe of that.  Because I'm awkward.
*  I hope I get to be you when I grow up, because your pictures are amazing.
*  Do you really need to be right all the time?  It's annoying but still the coolest thing ever.
*  You make me laugh, all the time.
*  You're on the crazy train often, but it teaches me how much you care about the things in your life, I hope I have half as much to care about.
*  You make everyone feel special, including me.  I adore that immensely.
*  You enjoy having fun almost as much as me and are willing to go on any adventure with me.
*  You know yourself so well, your confidence is inspiring.
* You persevered through harder times than I can imagine.

So many more things but I'm getting dangerously close to telling stories no one wants to hear.  But I think a resolution to be less mindful of the annoying, and more observant of the special is definitely what I need in my life.


Elizabeth Downie said...

I loved this post, Heidi. Really tender and sweet.

Also, I know I'm pretty awesome, but did EVERYTHING you listed have to be about me!? You shouldn't have! ;) haha

Stephanie Curtis said...

Um to say that I am honored to have been named in your last post would be an understatement. It was such a sacrifice. So I understand your misgivings about naming me in this post (sorry elizabeth but we can fight about it later - I have been practicing my hair pulling techniques).

Truthfully to quote veggie tales "I laughed, I cried, it moved me bob". This is a great post and I have a great desire to become a person that those things could be said about.

Heidi said...

Luckily for ME you both are so unbelievably amazing that all these things apply to BOTH of you :).

Abbey said...

I'm going to be compliment-seeking and vain here, but bear with me. Are any more of them me, other than the glaringly obvious one?? Haha, just kiddin'.

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

aw, I love this.

Kara said...

Yep, I decided that at the very least two for sure apply to me, but probably all of them. :) Love you too, Heidi!