Monday, September 10, 2012

What's Really Important Here

Have you ever really thought about the sheer magnitude of things you should be doing with your life?  I know most people don't obsessively list like I do, but even then, there's lots of reminders about the many things you should be doing to enrich your obviously lacking life.  Just take a look at pinterest sometime if you don't believe me.  Fastest way to feel like an underachiever, trust me.

Here's just a sampling of the things that could be on the list:  Maybe you have a job for ten hours a day, not including travel time.  Maybe you don't have a "job" but you've got a gaggle of children at home to watch, ensure they eat, grow, learn, becoming functioning members of society  (I fully subscribe that this is a job and would never assert that these people have "never worked a day in their lives" as some others might believe).  Maybe you have both those things.  Maybe... you want to lose that 75lbs of baby weight you gained when you had said gaggle of children (may or may not be an estimate of what I actually gained) so you want to work out at least once a month, give or take.  You may have some aspirations of sleep every once in a while.  You may also be taking graduate classes (although why is BEYOND me, psh PhD, who needs one).  You may even have hobbies you would like to persue to stave off psychological breakdowns, for me this includes photography, crafting, hiking, and soccer.  Other things that cross my mind occassionly are scripture study, prayer, writing in my/my son's journal, updating his baby book since he grows so fast, etc.  ALSO there's actually playing with said son in the three hours he may be awake after I get home from work, talking to my husband, OH and cleaning my house!  (Cleaning may sound superflous when in this context but it's actually something I really need for my sanity)  Forget eating actual meals.

Also those stupid pins on pinterest of the six-pack-ab girl telling me that an hour workout is only 4% of my day.  You know what I say to you?  Nothing because I just punched you and my computer screen in the face.

Faced with this list, I think about the things I really want to do (after my bebe has gone to sleep of course):  Watch So You Think You Can Dance and White Collar.

I'm sure there are people out there who are better at prioritizing then I am.  They probably do all these things and think it's ridiculous that someone could even think this is a lot!  Well to them I say, nothing.  Good for you.  But anyway, this is an incredibly long build up to the fact that I'm going to try and begin blogging regularly again.  Maybe one day my children will want more from their childhood than their memories, my journal, their journal, and the probable millions of pictures I've taken of them.  It's possible.  I mean who knows, kids these days are never satisfied.  (So many tangents on parenting that I could go off on here but I'm having a little self restraint).

Basically I look at this little mug every day:

And I feel a great need to do all of these things, and do them well, so that he can have everything he needs for the rest of time.  No pressure.

Well here we go.

Cheers to reaching as high as possible!  I think my high school motto for the year I graduated was, "Shoot for the stars, because even if you miss you land among stars."  Or something equally cheesy.  Here's to that :).


Kara said...

Maybe it was "Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you land among the stars?" :) Good advice, though.