Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lacking Information

So I can't think of anything else to write about...and the thing I want to write about I haven't thought through enough. It's all about my generation and what we are like. But so far the article I'm reading I've only read a third of it and it's upset so I need to finish it first and then formulate my thoughts. But wait with bated breath because it's going to be good! We're going to save the world but the way we're described is incredibly wrong from my point of view. But more on that when I finish.

One thought for today: Happy Birthday Abbey!! And K is cute when she says my name.

Here however is a different thought that is shorter and less cognitively intensive then the one I'm trying to sort out. So McCain doesn't know how to use 'a google'. How impressive is that. Not only does the man not know how to use google he doesn't even know what it is. I wonder how incredibly mixed up he would be if we threw the wikipedia concept at him. Now I don't think this will effect the man's ability to be a presidential candidate but still you have to admit that's incredibly weird if not pathetic. How does someone not know anything about it? But at least the man is doing things unscripted so you know he's an actual person as opposed to Obama who won't talk at all without scripting.


Kara said...

How to use "a google?" I'm going to be laughing at that one for awhile. I'm teaching "US Presidency" this summer session and this fall, and we're talking right now about all the things that presidential candidates have to deal with because of TV and now the internet that never came up back in the day. Things like "a google" can make you look silly or stupid now, regardless of whether or not it relates to your ability to lead the country.

Heidi said...

I know! It's sad that people judge though on things like that instead of actual issues.