Monday, July 14, 2008

Turning a new leaf

So I was trying to find something to do to keep me from sinking into depression and here is what I decided I would do. I'm going to investigate the web or whatever every day and write about it. I decided I'd do this because first I love to learn new things and second I love to write. I love to make the words flow together and especially I love to express ideas and try to instill in others the passion I may have for a subject. I've always been a writing person, I used to write stories for school all the time, my journal, random letters, quotes in my planner, notes, everything. So now this is how I'm going to keep myself sane.

Today's subject: names. Interesting tidbit - there are now professionals who rate how good your name is. Haha a whole charade of these people have been called out en masse to evaluate the names of Angelina and Brad's new twins; Knox Leon and Marchelina something or other. Basically their names didn't do very well, b minus' or c basically. But this got me thinking about my name. I don't have anyone to rate it so I'm just focusing on what it means.

First name: Heidi. German derivative of Adelheid, which is a German and Dutch form of Adelaide. Adel meaning noble and Heid meaning kind. So basically noble and kind. It became popular in the US from the movie Heidi, big surprise here haha. It also comes from the French form of the Germanic name Adalheidis. So it's basically all German...all roads lead there. It also means noble and kind in Old English. So ha that's what the first name is.

Middle name: Alyssa. Now listen close because this is all new information. Alyssa comes from Alicia, then Alice. Tracing Alice back we get that it is a short form of Alis, which is short for Adelais, which is short for, drum roll....Adalheidis. It's Old English meaning is....noble and kind.

So what did I learn about myself?! Basically I'm noble and kind. Or am supposed to be. And even more interestingly both my names come from the same Germanic name. They're the same! That must be why they flow so well together, at least in my opinion. If I were to rate my name I would give it a solid A for flowing, a good acronym (HAZ), and a good meaning.

Here's the thing, do we exemplify our name or does our name exemplify us? Am I really doubly noble and kind or just should I be because that's what I was named? What makes a name mean something? How much should you let something like this define you? I suppose it isn't too bad to let this define you though. I mean I haven't seen a name mean something bad so why shouldn't I try to be always noble and kind, although that sounds a tad boring, still good though. Just some things to think about when you're wondering what defines you and what you define.