Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun Fact

So, schizophrenia. Some of the signs that you are schizophrenic are in how your brain chemistry changes from normal. At least in men. In men the hypocampus gets bigger than normal or maybe it isn't the hypocampus but it's something like that that changes size and is a sign of schizophrenia. So that's cool and special. Women however already have the different sized part of the brain. Another aspect of schizophrenia is that the symptoms are somewhat inhibited by estrogen. So what, maybe insane conclusion can we draw from this? That women are predisposed to schizophrenia. This is what I think contributes to PMS. Think about it. This is the point when your estrogen is the lowest and women exhibit crazy mood swings. It all sort of makes sense right? Okie this funky observation being said I must say that I am COMPLETELY against women using PMS as an excuse for their behavior. I'm not saying that PMS doesn't exist because I'll be honest there are times just bursting into tears for no reason or being incredibly irritable happens. But, I don't think you can make excuses for your behavior. We know that it happens and you have to prepare for that, or at least take responsibility for the fact that you didn't prepare for it. It's childish to blame PMS for something that if you get many times a year since you were a teenager, you should be able to control it by now. But that aside, it is intruging to think about the schizophrenia aspect...