Saturday, January 31, 2009

Confession #28

I don't know if it's actually number 28 or not that just sounded good. But anyway, here it is. First, I don't get that jazzed about musicians. I love love love music but I've never had that fantasy about running away with a rock star. Probably to the liking of my parents. But. That's not entirely true. There is only one rockstar who I would gladly and quickly run away with. Tyson Ritter. The lead singer of All American Rejects. I'm not entirely sure why him. But there it is. My rockstar fantasy in all it's fantastical glory. Tyson Ritter.


Kara said...

I totally agree that he is incredibly hot- and here's one of the very few things I can offer from my collegiate past that make me seem cool: All American Rejects are from Stillwater, OK, which is where I went to school for undergrad, and my freshman year one of my sorority sisters was a huge fan and we used to go hear them play every Thursday night at this small bar called Mike's, I think. It was not a big joint at all so no matter where you were sitting, you were about 20 feet away from them. Totally awesome. "Swing" is still one of my favorite songs because they used to play it all the time.

However, he cusses like a sailor. He's really hot while doing it, but about every other word is "f(#@ this." To me, that's not very attractive but it didn't seem to bother other girls. And I just saw the rerun of the "House" episode last night where the band is in the opening sequence (which, incidentally, is one of my favorite "House" episodes ever) and was reminded how hot he is. So very timely post there, Heidi!

Heidi said...

Oh that's awesome. I'm jealous of you. Honestly, that is one of my least favorite thing when a guy swears unneccessarily. But dang, he looks good. And in his new music shirt. Amazing. I love Swing too! Haha I love House and how it now applies to everything!