Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I have this bad habit of just getting bored with things occasionally... it's not really a good thing. But it happens especially when dealing with pictures. For example, I have a profile picture on my facebook page and if I don't change it about every three weeks I get completely bored and dissatified every time I look at it.... Problem is, I'm really picky about what picture I put up so it's a little hard to just change it out. So I have to take new pictures and that's hard....I love to take pictures but they're usually of other people... Oh well, that's just my rant about me not having any good pictures and needing more.

On another note...I just want to comment on the interesting behavior of the media. When they cover some stories with significantly less coverage than others. For example they cover the crap out of Obama signing the stimulus bill that will hopefully help some people and then they don't hardly cover at all the fact that he sends 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Hmm.... I'm sure thoere are other examples those just happen to be the ones I have on hand. It's just weird how people can be influenced so greatly. Ooo another example of people being influenced - American Idol. First I watch it, although this year is the first one I've watched it religiously and Tatiana is maybe going to be a serial killer and I'm so so so glad she's off.... BUT, my point here is that people totally listen to the judges, they don't listen to what they hear, they listen to what Paula says. Now granted most the time I agree with Simon and he happens to be my favorite person on the show although Ryan is a close second. People listen more to opinions of people they like than forming their own. Bah, don't really agree with it...but it's people's right I suppose.