Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rant of the Day

First I have to say that I now feel a little guilty ranting about what I was going to rant about because I just read Abbey's blog about the baby coming and realize there are maybe more important things than my pet peeves. Hard to accept trust me I know....but. Haha really though I'm excited to have a nephew and happy for Abbey that she'll be having him tomorrow. I hope this one isn't as stressful for her and Ben as the Kyndal was. We loved her but the first month was a little rough...haha I love my dramatic sister. She makes life so much more interesting than mine would be without her.

Oh random funny story about Kyndal before I get ranting... So about a month ago she was doing this thing where she just throws herself backwards onto the couch. Well I was laying there being all sick and tired and she just falls back flat on my nose. For a good ten seconds I was convinced that her head had firmly broken my nose. But lucky for me and the shape of my nose it hadn't happened I was just REALLY bruised. But nothing you could see. I realized today though that it's still bruised...ha that's what brought it to my mind, I accidentally hit myself in the nose and it hurt!

Okay now my rant. I don't like things like lol, u, r, rofl, any type of abbreviation really. This tends to make my text messages long and I'm sorry. But I just don't have it in me to accept this kind of thing. That being said....those ones I can tolerate when other people say them, I experience only a small twinge of annoyance that I can fairly easily just put aside. But the one word that I can look upon with no degree of allowance is any type of abbreviation of enough. I despise(!!!) nuff, 'nough, ANY thing associated with this abomination. I can handle e'nuff said or anything like that but you drop the e and I drop you like a fat kid drops gym. I think it makes you sound like a retard and I can't stand it. So there's my rant after my lovely familyness and how much I love my family.


Abbey said...

Hahaha your nose still hurts. Hahaha. Just kidding, it's not that funny. Love ya.