Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was reading over my posts and first I have to say sorry some of them are way incoherent. But the one about Tyson Ritter is still beautiful and I really like looking at that picture. So I was thinking about other things that I love needed to share two of them.

First Gary Sinese. I adore the guy in absolutely everything he's been in. It all started honestly with Of Mice and Men, which is the only movie not involving a dog that has made me cry. But that aside, I love the guy. He reminds me of my dad which is probably a large part of what addicts me to him....but. I watch CSI NY religiously and anything else involving him. Kyndal watches the movie Open Season (and a lot of other cartoons which honestly I don't mind because I always have and always will love cartoons), and Gary is the bad guy. It is the funniest thing ever because the character he plays is off the wall and crazy and Gary Sinese and every other character he has played is serious and intelligent. I flippin love it!

Second love is pictures. I like to take them and I like to try as hard as I can to be artistic... which I'm really not, but I try. So I take tons of pictures and then I like to mess with them on my computer, like the colors and contrast and everything like that. Sometimes they look like crap but sometimes it works out and I have this internal feeling of accomplishment that I made something beautiful and interesting. So I thought I'd share a couple of the pictures I've taken recently and how I changed them...And I'll be proud of myself haha.

So these next pictures my friend and I were driving by this abandoned house and decided to be artistic and complete nerds but we embrace it so it's okay. Try not to look at the ones of me, I think hers look so much better than mine...


Abbey said...

Very cool! That's def a cool place to take pictures, love it.

Kara said...

Was Gary Sinese the villain in "Snake Eyes?" I'm pretty sure he was, and I'm pretty sure that's why I've always thought of him as a weirdo creep. He was ridiculously scary in that movie. Which really means he's a great actor, and I just haven't seen him in enough other things to change that image in my head.