Friday, February 27, 2009

Nephew News

So at 6:22 this morning I became an aunt again with my new nephew Devin Thomas Wiltbank. Since Abbey is still in the hospital I thought that I would post some pictures of him just so the day is remembered. Abbey is doing well after the c-section and likes that she can be taken care of in the hospital, although I think she missed Kyndal. Here's just a few pictures of today when we took K in to see him. There are no pictures of Abbey and don't hold your breath for that one, she declined all media attention. Oh I guess everyone always wants the stats - he was 7 pounds even and 20 inches long with a fair amount of dark hair, but only on the back of his head. What a cutie, already different from K, he's mellow.

K is really good with him, she is always talking about mommie, daddy, at the hospital, babies Devin. She always includes him like she's already accepted him into the fam. It's pretty cute. In this pic she was being 'soft' with the baby which pretty much translates into petting him. But it's effective.

Most likely there will be more to come on this subject : ).


Kara said...

Oh, I can't wait to meet him! So cute! I forgot how TINY newborns are, K looks huge in comparison!

Abbey said...

Thanks Heid!