Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today was maybe not my day...

Because Abbey and Ben are in the hospital with Devin my mom and I have been watching Kyndal and tonight with Megan we went to Chipotle to eat dinner. K had a 40 minute nap earlier today so she was wanting to run around and was easily turned into a crazy two year old. I was doing a pretty good job of entertaining her and putting off her melt downs along with mom and Meg's help but then at one point she got just a little overjealous with the arm movements and launched her bowl of beans right into my lap - as seen in the picture.

But the part of this story that is most interesting - from a human nature point of view - is that the beans also got onto my coach purse.... And honestly my thoughts where only these when my mom came to help me. Haha "Can you please just get the beans off my purse, I don't care about my jeans". Haha mom thought I was going to cry but really I half felt please just get the beans off, and half, wow that is an incredibly petty thought. But, I really like my purse. More than my jeans that sort of don't fit anymore.

Then we came home and I changed so that we could all go get a pedicure, and we were walking out and my mom put her drink on the hood of my car. The hood that only yesterday I meticulously cleaned, waxed, and dried, along with cleaning the inside, and the drink just slid off and dumped...on my car and on the legs of the pants I had just changed into. It was nice. My mom I think thought that I was mad at her for spilling the drink...really, I was just annoyed to have to change again and figure out what to wear again. Just one of those days...Lovely as always.