Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is just too easy...

Every once in a while something truly beautiful comes along that I just cannot pass up being completely and totally judgemental on. It's just way way too easy. I can't even help it. CNN, the holy grail of biased media. However, they are supposed to be excellent journalists right? Oh ya baby, just look at the 'quick votes' they put up on their website. They use these for public opinion poles which I understand can be informative.... Here is their current quick vote:

"How would you rate Obama's first 50 days in office?"

Legitimate question right. Although honestly how much can you tell from 50 days, but that's beside the point. The President's approval rating is really key in the media's perception of how the president is doing. Now here are the options that you can choose when voting:


Yup. Prime Journalism at it's best. The best part is 4200 genius people have actually voted in this retardness of a poll. I honestly laughed so hard I almost cried. I couldn't believe it. Hahahahaha fantastic I must say. So now you know the kinds of things that I just can't hold back on. I just have to comment. Although I comment on many many things I actually try some restraint once in a while.... but not in this case.