Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Quirks

So everyone has their own little quirks, we all know that, but what I find is funny is when you discover them later on in life. I mean you have done these all your life probably but one day you just wake up and realize that it's really weird. Haha I had that realization earlier and I almost can't get over how kind of odd it is. Okay so here's my oddity: Everywhere I go, no matter how far or how close I am continuously calculating the most efficient path to get there. Taking into account what stops I have to make, the paths that are along that route and everything. I even constantly think about they hypoteneuse of a triangle and the most direct path I can take so that I don't wind around and everything. I think this is why I really am paranoid about being lost or not knowing all the different ways around. If I don't know where I'm going or the most efficient route I get internally stressed or something. This is also why the new buildings at school bug me because the paths they have between buildings are not straight, so there's no good way to get through them. But ya I do this all the time, if I have to stop at the bathroom on the way to class I go through all the bathrooms to see which is most convenient to go to. Ya but I just realized that it is really weird... haha good thing everyone has quirks.


Kara said...

Math nerd . . . :)