Thursday, July 16, 2009

My new house!

Okie here are some pictures of my new house and some part of ann arbor.
So first this is my west wall of windows. It's really so nice, except in the afternoon when it kind of gets hot...but I'm sure I'll be loving that once it starts to get cold here!
This is my most favorite part, my wall of closets that can hold all my clothes and all my shoes and stuff. It's amazing.
And then the staple of every room... my bed. Haha love it.
I'm thinking because I'm pretty far North and it's the middle of the summer, it stays light so late here. This is 9:30 and the sun is just setting. I think it's so cool.
These are my new neighbors. To be honest they scare me a little bit...They are fun to watch though, from the safety of my living room.
So I think that's everything! I like it a lot so far, it's beautiful and green and humid and I love it. Although the humidity makes running harder than I've experienced...haha it's still a lot of fun to be in such a new place.