Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weaknesses become Strengths

I have many weaknesses, but these are a few of my favorites : ). And honestly I think they're strengths because I have no desire to get rid of them ; ).

* Football. I love church, don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy going and seeing some of my favorite people. But honestly most Sundays I would truly prefer to sit at home and watch football, including all the pregame and postgame reports. I love it. I drink it in. I analyze. I listen to the hits. I boo at bad calls. I adore it. And giving my parents the opportunity to go to Cardinal (AHmazing) stadium today and have them send me super excited text messages just makes it that much sweeter. Tonight I will be searching the stands for my momma and papa bear in their Viking's jerseys! But really, football: I miss you when you're not here. Those 7 months are loooonnnngggg. And judge me how you will but college is crap compared to NFL.

* Soccer. I defend my sport to the last. I can't wait for the World Cup next year! First soccer kind of unites the entire world. (Let's just put aside the sheer violence that often results from the fans and focus on the fact that the whole world loves it) And I love seeing how excited South Africa is about having the games there. They're like little kids who realize it's their first Christmas. They want to make so much of it and they want the impact for their country to go way beyond just a sport. It's just like the Olympics bringing the whole world together, just with hotter men. And look at how awesome the draw is this year, there really isn't a weak group:
Group A: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
Group B: Argentina, Nigeria, Korea Republic, Greece
Group C: England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
Group D: Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana,
Group E: Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon
Group F: Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia
Group G: Brazil, Korea DPR, Côte d'Ivoire, Portugal
Group H: Spain, Switzerland, Honduras, Chile
Poor group G but yay for us to watch! P.S. totally love the Ivory Coast!! I also would be cautiously optomistic about US' draw but really, we have a knack for disappointment so I stick with my favs.

* Starbucks. Um yum. Y.U.M. I can't even say any more about it because my heaven it just completes my life with its warm goodness. Any day any time I take a hazelnut hot chocolate (yes Abbey you win on that one), a caramel apple cider, or a chai tea latte.

* Cold Stone Waffle Cones. Just the cone. I can really leave the ice cream (don't worry I've already been informed I'm un-American), I really only need the waffle cone. I wish I had the bravery to just order the cone, but alas I don't.

So there we go, a few of my favorite weaknesses. And ya, I'm proud of them.

That's What it's all About!

I learned today that a couple days before Thanksgiving the 'real' composer of The Hokey Pokey died. I say 'real' because apparently there is a great deal of controversy over who actually wrote it. I don't really think that's important enough for controversy but I guess the people who said they wrote it (are all dead now but...) were quite proud of it.

Can you imagine though if that was your life's legacy?! And at your funeral people want to do that to honor/make fun of you? I hope I'm remembered for other things than a song that mercilessly gets stuck in your head. I can't even imagine the funeral of the guy who wrote "This is the song that never ends...." Don't get me wrong, I've done the Hokey Pokey many times and have some really fun memories of it, but really. I could have survived without it.

Another fun fact, this guy, Robert Degen, who wrote the song, is from Scranton, PA. Too bad Scranton is no longer famous for the Hokey Pokey, but The Office. And who doesn't love the Office. I didn't even know there was a Scranton before the Office. Maybe this is the life lesson: like Robert Degen and Scranton, you take what you're given. (Insert commercial break - You Will Take What We Give You!) Everyone want's to be remembered for something so even if it's small, like the Hokey Pokey or the Office, you take it because it's recognition of your life.... huh. That just got a little more existential than I was planning. I apologize...

You put your right foot in
You pull your right foot out
You put your right foot in
And you shake it all about
You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself about
That's what it's all about

And I'm done.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

All in a Days Work

Here's the list of things I had to do today:
 - Call about satellite tv
 - Call the car dealership about my car
 - Clean
 - Study (uh perhaps the most important)
 - Activate my credit card

And here's what I did:
 - Cleaned
 - Activated my credit card

AND Decorated for Christmas!!

That's mostly what I did today and what truly made me happy. I love Christmas decorations and this is the first year that I get to decorate and I had no decorations! So yesterday I went out and bought some lights, glass icicles (my favorite), a wreath, and some other ornaments that I got from Bronner's a couple weeks ago.

So here's the fruit of my labors. It's not as impressive in pictures, but it's awesom eand it made me look forward to a couple weeks from now when I'm crazy from school and am going to go out and drive around and look at lights. Love them.

This is my wreath. It hangs on my door. I love the gold, especially the gold pointsettias.

These are the lights that I put up in the living room. They are Shannon's lights but I thought the arrangement was fun. Perhaps not the most functional thing, but fun.

These are the lights from my window. It's from the outside so you can't really see all my embellishments but I love it.

And these are my ornaments. The ones I have given my heart to. I love how they catch the light and how they will look when they're hanging next to little twinkly lights.

Christmas Joy!