Monday, February 8, 2010


Today has been a wonderful terrible day all rolled up in one. Crazy how stuff like that works. And I'm in the mood to talk it out so here we go. And thanks for listening ahead of time :)
Today I spent a lot of time at work which was totally fine but for some reason it just gave me way to much energy. I had to do about 50 push ups to work it all out...well kind of. Mostly I just needed to get my mind off of the phone call my momma gave me.

About three weeks ago my grandma fell down some stairs and broke her elbow and had to have surgery. She was getting better, I talked to her on Saturday, but I guess today she fell again. Only this time she broke her femur (I've done this before, it's terrible) and she has to have a really complicated surgery and she won't be able to walk for 6 weeks. I truly despise the feeling of not being abl to do anything. My momma sounds so sad and I'm worried about her and about my grandma too. It's just crazy how fast things happen. How fast your life can change. Or how fast your perception of life can change. Maybe that's more appropriate.

So that was hard. Is still hard. I don't know. I'm scattered. But at the same time I am now SOOOOOO ridiculously excited and happy for my best friend in the world who got engaged tonight! She's been dating her fiance for four years and from the beginning it just made me happy to see them together. They're fantastic together and her being happy makes me just as happy! I totally approve of Jimmy, especially after Lauren and I putting him through the experience of meeting my papa bear : ). What a fantastic way to end a weird day right?!

Love is so amazing to watch. We should realize it more in our lives and not take it for granted. Because you never know how fast life can change on you.


Elizabeth Downie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma! I hope she gets better. You broke your femur before?! That's sounds horrible!!

Congrats to your friend though, that's awesome! :)

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Wow! What a roller coaster ride! Congrats to your friend, and I'm sorry about you're Grandma. You're right though-life could change in just a second.

Pandas-are-so-rawwwr! said...

Congrats about your friend, you must be happy for her.

Sorry about your gram though, I know it is hear breaking feeling like you can't do anything for her. My gram keeps falling, and she always tries to do more than she is supposed to, we keep telling her to enjoy her old age but she just says "I ain't dead yet, so stop acting like I am"