Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Montage of Thoughts and Restitutions

I just got back from Christmas vacation, which was completely awesome.  I'll have an entire post dedicated to Carlsbad Caverns so this post is just a few thoughts I had over break.  First I got my car back just before the break.  I was in a collision with an unfortunate deer and didn't have it for three and a half weeks.  My friends, that was hell.  Being without a car was just maddening.  Now that I have it back I've realized that the saying is true that your car is never the same after an accident.  By looking at it you can tell no difference (except one headlight is much clearer than the other), but inside and driving it is much louder than it was before.  They had to replace part of the door and it now whistles when I'm going fast.  Fairly annoying.  I'll have to get used to it.  But it is sad to think that the car I knew and loved now has to become something I just get used to.

On a different traveling note, I adore airports.  I don't like flying in planes much because I am terribly fidgety (however speed is always appreciated), but I love watching the people in the airport.  And listening to their conversations but I try not to let anyone know that I actually do that.  But the funniest part for me is when everyone is waiting to get on the plane.  People get SO angry and SO impatient.  Is it hard to understand that we will all be on the same plane??  This is even more fascinating when we have assigned seats.  I just don't get the impatience.  But it's fun to watch people get unbelievably agitated about being FIRST in line!  They obviously deserve it : ).

My last thought is about New Years Resolutions.  I make them every year and I do enjoy thinking about them.  I was thinking about them this year though and the things that I want to do better this year than last, and it kind of turned into "what are Heidi's vices".  I don't know if it's always like that, or that's just what it is this year but it was a tad depressing.  I still pressed on though and made my resolutions.  Maybe my vices will diminish this year haha.