Friday, May 13, 2011

How well do you know me?

My friend Elizabeth recently did this test for all the people who read her blog where she listed 7 truths and 3 lies about herself to see how well people knew her.  Well I thought that was a great idea, so I decided to do it.  Hopefully the people who actually read this rambling thing will think it's interesting too....

It was kind of an interesting exercise in self reflection though to even figure out 7 things about myself.  Because I of course could write I'm a girl which is true, but basically as boring as the socks I'm currently not wearing.  So being the scientist I am, this was an experiment in Heidi-land.... and awaywego.

  1. My favorite thing to do as a child was to climb trees.
  2. History is my favorite subject in school.
  3. I have been known to eat entire cheesecakes, rolls by the dozen, and bags of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  4. I graduated Magna cum Laude from ASU.
  5. My favorite activity is watching movies with friends.
  6. I am an avid cake decorator, bead-er, and jewelry maker.
  7. I have never lost a game of air hockey (I don't count games where the table cheats)
  8. I am the youngest of four.
  9. My favorite thing to take pictures of are people.
  10. My favorite place to visit is Washington D.C. (am I supposed to put two periods here??)

So there we go.  Haha all the interesting things I could think of about myself....  Enjoy.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Do you like how I totes just psyched you out about what I was maybe going to start talking about?  Like srsly were you freaked that I might start swearing and possibly be enraged??  Whew, well you can breath a sigh of relief because I'm not.

It is in fact something quite the opposite of that.  We were talking today in church about the qualities that make a good family (specifically qualities in our mothers) and also about charity and how the two intertwine.  So I thought I would take justamoment to acknowledge the traits that the amazing women in my life have taught me to admire.  This list of women begins first and foremost with my mother, but includes many other surrogate moms, sisters, and amazing friends.

* One of the things I have always valued that my mother taught me to appreciate was the humor in all situations and how humor can enrich your life.  Some of my favorite memories involve my family laughing together.  It's helped us through a lot and has brought us much closer together.  (ironically, while humor is valued greatly in my home, my sarcasm has often gone "too far" in my mother's eyes.  Hence the ridiculosity at the beginning of this rambling :)
* My mother seems to have an unceasing amount of love for anyone she comes in contact with.  She is giving with everything she has with anyone she brings into her circle.  She so readily loves and cares and I admire that a lot.  It's something I aspire to.
*  From the very beginnings of my memory cleanliness, in all areas of my life, has been beaten instilled into me by both my parents.  My dad was more dictatorial about this instillment but it was my mom who took the time to explain why it is in my best interest to be this way.

This Mother's Day list could go on for a while.  I am very blessed by the women in my life, they are all amazing and I strive to be like them.  They are all so supportive and their faith in me keeps me warm at night :).