Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What I wish I was great at

A little while back, well 8 months ago, I posted a list of things that would be fun to write down for posterity.  My dad is turning 60 in two weeks and I just realize that, while I know a lot about him, there are a lot of funny stories that I don't know, and quirks I don't know the back story of, etc.  So in an effort to not have that happen with my children, back to this list.  I'm not doing them in order, so this is just the first that strikes my fancy.

So this one is to explain what I wish I was great at.  Uh.  Easy.  Hip Hop Dancing.  Like hands down.  I religiously watch So You Think You Can Dance, which I affectionately call SYTYCD and I just wish I could hip hop dance.  The other dancing is pretty, yeah, and makes people cry, but I really just want to be able to shake my hips.  NOT in the twerking sense of the word, let's get that straight.  But like, good, popping, hip hop dancing.  I even took a class back when I was in Ann Arbor with a friend.  A free community hip hop class.  I only made it two classes before we both decided that we be too white for that.  So... my dream died.  But I still fake it along with SYTYCD and I occasionally have dreams when I'm a good dancer.  I wish they were reality.  It would complete me.