Tuesday, May 13, 2008

China, and The Universe

So a couple random thoughts that I've had in the past couple days. First there was a massive earthquake in China. You can look on wikipedia at a map that has how much of China was effected. You can look at that here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:2008_Sichuan_earthquake_extent.svg. The epicenter was almost in the exact middle of China too. If you consult the CIA world factbook you also discover that China is just slightly smaller than the United States. The united states is also roughly the same shape as China, although China is a little more circular. See where I'm headed with this yet? So let's transpose the red rippling earthquake onto the center of the US, say around St. Louis or so. 3000 people died in one building collapsing! Now granted China has way more populated areas then the middle of the United States does, but the effect would still be devastating don't you think? That would be so insane to have an earthquake effect Cali and Boston at the same time. And that earthquake was only a 7.9, the Richter scale goes up to 10, and with each decimal point the intensity goes up by 10! The United States if 4 times as big as the European Union, what if an earthquake like this hits them. It's just so crazy the possibilities and the consequences of the Earth shifting underneath us. It must have shifted a ton on Monday morning. I have more in my head on this thought but I won't go on....because really I could rambling for more pages.

Second thought, again while viewing wikipedia, I got a tip from Cory that I should check out my horoscope status. So I go and check out Aries but it was being gay so I was first reading about astrology and how it works. Turns out it's intensely more complicated then I thought, you should check it out if you're at work and have nothing to do for 9 hours. But to simplify things in terms of my random thought, basically they measure things off the stars, the immovable stars. Every single one of their measurements is based on the facts that the stars they're looking at don't move. So here's my problem. How can they not move? Doesn't everything have to rotate around something? How can stars just sit there? I mean I don't know but it just seems against the laws of nature for things to just sit there. But I spose if things have to rotate around something there is something bigger for them to rotate around....this is circular logic or there is something HUGE out there that really is just sitting there. Or maybe there isn't something bigger but everything is still moving. Maybe this could happen because things don't always need something bigger because we all exert some gravitational force on the things around us, we just don't know it because we're small and the Earth is so huge. But stars are massive by themselves so maybe they're all just effecting eachother.... Hmm maybe I just talked it out. I don't know, the whole "bigger universe" thing intrigued me today.

So those are my two random thoughts for the day... Last I miss Kristina, I miss Sarah, I miss Abbey a lot right now, I also miss all my guys from school. I'm so happy to be back in New Mex with my parents and my other friends but I miss them... Just wanted to get that out.


William said...

If you are ever curious about the devastation of an earthquake would have in the united states of that magnitude, approximately 100 years ago in San Francisco there was a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake, but 90% of the damage was not done from earthquake but from the resulting fire and lack of fire hydrants and poor building codes. In fact much of San Francisco that was destroyed was simply pushed into the bay and much of San Francisco currently rests on buildings demolished in this quake.

Have fun in NM. Theo, Kristina, and I are on an expert career in Guitar Hero. Keep your skillz sharp.

Abbey said...

China and the Universe. Nice and vague there H. Just kidding, it just sounds funny. The people that own the house we live in (I refuse to call them our landlords, it makes us sound dub t), and they were about 50 miles from the epicenter. They got to go back to their house after one night, but they said that the devestation is so awful. He said they have had many hard days and many more hard days to come. It is so crazy, and I think it was almost worse because there are such an abundance of people living in a smaller area.
As far as astrology goes, I slightly sometimes believe in it. Keep that a secret! Hey sometimes it's just too coincidental okay? Haha. HEIDI I MISS YOU TOO!!!!!! I lurve you.