Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm what they call a guitar hero

Have you ever encountered a trend that you just thought was completely retarded....and then you try it....and now you're addicted. That's sort of how it hapened with guitar hero. I didn't want to try it because I was convinced I would look like a total dork, then my brother in law got the game and I'm the kind of person who just has to try everything. So I tried it, failed the first time, my bro and sis laughed at me and I vowed to not do it again because hey I suck. But ya I did do it again and actually thought it was ridiculously fun. Now I play on hard and it calms me down when I'm really stressed out. Rockband is another fun one especially withall my friends when we blast it so ridiculously loud the cops come to the door. There's something really freeing about acting like a dork with all your friends and family. Maybe that means it's not dorky anymore..... Maybe something is only dorky as long as you believe it is. Once you let go and just have fun it really no longer matters if it was dorky or others think it's dorky or anything like that, all that matters is you're having fun. So this is my challenge to you; enjoy life and embrace whatever dork you feel is inside of you...

Onto my second thought of the week. My dad recently sent me a powerpoint presentation made by some student interns working for NASA. The kids are part of Generation Y, those of us who were born in the time between 1971 and 2000. I am solidly in the middle of Gen Y but that's beside the point. The point of their presentation was that NASA has not embraced Gen Y. There is so much misconception by my generation about their mission and their entire purpose. 49% of my generation thinks that NASA is useless and their mission is counterproductive! While I think this is outrageous, I know it's just because I am a star nerd and not because I truly understand what NASA is doing. I actually completely agree that no business or government really understands how to address our generation. We grew up with instant gratification and as a result we are fickle and bored. I get bored so easily its almost disgusting. Older generations don't know how to deal with this. You can tell because no presidential candidate knows how to address us. Our age group has the LOWEST voting percentage. Only 20% of people my age actually vote in the presidential elections. I also think this is another reason why the education of technical people, like engineers or other things like it, are dropping. No one knows how to entice these kids to go into these fields because they don't take the time to understand what we like or even how to communicate with us. I mean look at me now, if I'm not writing this blog I'm talking to my friends on facebook. And while I read the paper and the news I am in a minority. I don't have a solution to this by any means I guess I'm just really interested to see how this will all pan out because, whether it scares you or not, we are the future and we need to solve this problem or we won't have anyone qualified to do anything of substance.


Abbey said...

The people are age concern me a lot, but you know who really concern me are the kids in high school, and the kids in junior high. The kids that are working at fast food places can't even count change, and the kids in junior high have absolutely no regard for other people's property or space. Like those little crapheads that skateboard by our house. But, there are bright spots and the hope is that they realize at least subconsciously that they need to be important and smart and strong! Because I have a kid to raise, I can't do anything! Hahaha