Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do you want to know how awesome I am?

Well too bad I don't want to explain. So for school I have to make these portfolios detailing out evidence of how awesome I am in 8 different areas. Problem Solving, Engineering Practice, Critical Thinking, Communication, Technical Competence, Design, Perspective, and Professionalism. Ya. It's awesome. Not only do I have to have actual documented evidence, but I have to explain the evidence from the point of view of an evaluator telling how the evidence is good or bad and why everyone else should think I'm awesome too. This is tedious and annoying but the real issue is that first, a lot of my evidence covers different areas that I'm evaluating. So people reading them see the same dang piece of evidence all over the place and it loses its meaning. At least it does to me. But it's all I've got.... Second, there is just an insane amount of formatting that has to be done. I'm not the kind of person that can handle one portfolio being different from all the rest. So they all have to have the same font, the same sizes and the same layout or it has to all be done again. This takes flippin forever. When I'm writing 13 page documents for each portfolio (not including the copies of the actual evidence, this is just my evaluation of the evidence), the sheer volume just overwhelms. Sadly I've been working on this hard for the past year but my progress is slow.... Now all 8 have to be done before Friday because on that day I get evaluated on all of them.... by people who have never met me. Well we'll see how this goes...
On the bright side, if anyone doubts my ability to think critically at a Level 3 (out of 4) in 6 different areas, I can show them baby! BAM.

*This might be used as further evidence of how awesome I am.