Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okie so I know it's been a while. A long time actually but at first I just had nothing interesting to say and then I had no time to say the interesting things. Ha well maybe that's a stretch to say that they're the interesing things. Haha first we'll start with GRADUATION!!! Haha I finally graduated. Well I say finally but honestly it has gone by so incredibly quickly. It's amazing to sit here by myself and think that I have a degree. But enough about my personal reflections on value. For my graduation President of the United States came. It was really pretty awesome to hear him talk, and make fun of Michael Crow. It was not fun however to get the Sun Devil stadium 4 hours before the ceremony and chill out in the sun. Well perhaps chill is the wrong word.... My good friend Kara also graduated with her PhD and she got to walk across the stage and shake the President's hand! So that was commencement, and then for convocation I was chosen to be the Senior of the Year so I got to sit up on the stage the entire ceremony. That was pretty fun but I had to keep reminding myself not to fidget because everyone could see me. That was the hardest part. Oh and figuring out how to spell my name phonetically: hi-Dee zip-EAR-ian, ya that was the best I could come up with. But it worked. Then I walked across the stage and almost got spun off it when my professor hugged me. That was pretty fun though I have to say. I'll never forget it. Then we took some family pictures outside which will perhaps get posted eventually, after I remember to transfer them to my computer and give them to Abbey (since she threatened me ; ).

So that was graduation. The next day I'm sitting at home and thinking it was fun but kind of a huge letdown. Then I realize it's because I still had to give a final presentation to the Grand Canyon in Flagstaff. And I had to make sure my project worked since my teacher (the one who hugged me) was threatening to fail me if it didn't work... But we did get it to work and I was able to go to Flagstaff and give my awesome presentation (because basically our team was the best) and then go on a three day trip floating down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon! That was possibly the most fun I have ever had on a trip. But I was super happy to come home and hang out with my bucket and my nephew for a couple days while Abbey and Ben went on an anniversary night. It was pretty crazy being a single mother of two for two days but thankfully I crashed a party late at Kara's and she was nice enough to take us in for a couple hours, and we also went to a movie for Kyndal. Random thought about the movie... it seems like more and more cartoon movies are really for adults, the jokes I hope go over the head of small children. Did I just miss those things when I was small or is this a new development? Anyway, then I got to spend the rest of the week with Abbey before I left. It was a little weird because I had this motto. I planned everything I'd be doing in New Mex, everything that was happening when I get to Michigan, but never not once did I let myself think about leaving. I couldn't take it. But it was fun to hang out and not have to worry about school.

Now the hard part...leaving. It was kind of nice because leaving makes you think about everybody you're actually leaving, you work really hard to see all of them. So I got to have an amazing fun road trip with Sarah, see movies with Anton and Matt, hang out with Scott, and then cry with Abbey. Now that I'm back in New Mex I've also gotten to see a lot of friends because I'm leaving, and I get to stay with one of my friends on the way to Michigan! It's really really nice being able to do that and have fun but at the same time it's ridiculously sad. I would say something about leaving Abbey but I can't. Let's just leave it as I'm WAY excited to see her and my bucket and nephew in three more days when we go to Pagosa! And then I'm excited to see Kara later this month and maybe Sarah! Okie I think that is all the catching up I have : )