Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo

Today's dilemma: is Cristiano Ronaldo gay? There is no denying that the man is metro at the very least, but now I'm reading an article about his wearing a flower in his hair (even if you are gay it's weird) and then he says this: "Last year, when I was in LA, everyone was talking about my tight trunks. Have you seen what people in LA wear? I was the most normal dressed person over there. Anyway, what's wrong with wearing tight pants? They look good and it's better than having tan lines down your legs. This year it was the pink hat with the flower." Now before this statement I would have just leaned towards metro amazing soccer player... but after the "no tan lines" comment I'm inclined to change my opinion... I don't know. That's my conundrum of the day. Surprising I don't care either way, if he is gay it doesn't make me like him less. He is almost too pretty to be straight. I also have not heard of gay soccer players before. I'm sure they're out there I just haven't heard of any. Eh, here are some pics you can judge and let me know your thoughts.


Kara said...

Um, that last picture? I'm saying gay. I can't think of a single straight guy I know that I could convince to dress like that without a LOT of money involved in the bargain.

Abbey said...

Well. Hmmmm. My take is that he is so unbelievably good looking, and he KNOWS full well how good looking he is and likes to flaunt it. For everyone, boys included. Gay? Not sure. But I wouldn't be surprised.