Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I was watching this new show called Royal Pains last night and the main character said "When man plans God laughs." And I thought that might be appropriate for this post... haha but I have plans anyway.

First I want to share my new mascot. I think he's stinkin' funny and pretty cute. So I've adopted him as my mascot. For further reference his name is Rufus because it's a scraggly name.

Anyway, I told Abbey that I would blog more about what I'm doing since I am going to be so far away, so I'll try to do that. And what better place to start then my plans for the next three months. And ya that's seriously as far as I've gotten. Okie first, I'm going to be leaving New Mex the 29th of June and driving (yup all the way) to Michigan. But on the way there I'll get to stop and see my adorable friend Lindsey in Nebraska. She was my college roommate and I was in her wedding and she just had her first baby Adisynn in January. I am SO excited to see her and the baby. So I get to Michigan the 1st of July where I'll be sharing a condo with a girl in Ann Arbor. She sounds really nice and I'm excited to meet her. I hope she goes to church activities so that I have something to do on the 4th of July... because it's the Saturday before I have the opportunity to go to church on Sunday. I probably could figure out it something was going on...but that's beside the point. Then on the 7th I start my 'internship' with my new advisor. I don't have a dang clue what I'll be doing... And then school starts September 8th and again... no clue on classes or what I'll be doing. BUT I have a place to live haha. Oh as far as moving... I don't know how I'm going to get my stuff up there. I guess shipping it but I have no idea how to handle that at all. I need my daddy to help haha.

I guess the Lord won't be laughing too hard at me because I have less plans then I thought I did. Well I'm nervous but oh well... haha we'll see how this all works out.


Heidi Rose said...

I just thought I would comment because I was clicking the "Next Blog" link and saw HEIDI written in the sand. I thought cool.. I read a little of your about me and thought, "This person is just like me!" Haha. Sorry if this is weird. (Oh and by the way, Michigan is awesome-I should know, I live in Wisconsin).