Sunday, March 14, 2010

pump ME up

I supposed you can tell what my life has been like lately with all this talk of working out. This however is more a timing thing rather then just what I've been thinking about. So I've started this workout challenge through a friend of mine. I actually did it last month but it was kind of thrown together so this feels like the first real month of the challenge. Here's what happens with the challenge:

*You put up money ($10 last month, $15 this month)
*You make goals about how much you will do for the month (we'll get to my goals in a sec)
*And then you do to the challenge, if you complete it you get your money back

This is what I've gotten myself into. Last month my challenge was - 400 sit-ups, 200 push-ups, 40 pull-ups, and 15 miles run. It was actually really easy. Except for the pull-ups but that's because I hate them. This time though the ante has definitely been raised. Over the next 45 days I have to do:
*1500 push-ups (not girl push ups mind you, the real ones)
*1500 sit-ups
*Run 20 miles
*Bike 30 miles

In all reality (if you break it down by day) this isn't actually that much....but still it seems like a lot right now. I'm really excited about it though. This kind of goal making actually really works for me and I think it will be really awesome. I'm excited for tonight and my daily 34 push-ups/sit-ups (ya it calculates out to 33.3 of those per day) and I think it's going to be a good 45 days.

*PS if anyone wants to join the challenge just let me know and I'll give you the website to join!


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Q said...

Keep up the hard work. I lot 150 pounds over the last 18 months and it was tough but worth it. I went from a 26 top to six, and 22 pants to a 2. You won't regret the results when you have reached your goal.

My World said...

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