Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fam Time

So I know I'm ridiculously late with this but the past couple weeks have been kind of insane. But this is about the weekend that Abbey and I had when she came to visit! I had so much fun and it was so nice to forget for a little while that I am 1500 miles away from everyone.

Saturday: Game time. So we played Delaware State which meant that it was pretty much a blowout, but it was still really fun to show Ab the hugeness of our stadium (ya it's bigger than Lauren's) and we had all kinds of fun with the wave (that's what the crowd does when we get bored). It was a little bit cold though so we only stayed until about the middle of the third quarter.
OH! the coolest thing about the game was at half time Delaware State's marching band performed, which while their football is terrible they have a competitive marching band that was awesome. They did a montage of Michael Jackson songs and the entire band did the Thriller dance! It was amazing.

Sunday: Road Trip. We took about a 2.5 hour trip to St. Joseph/Benton Harbor on Lake Michigan and went out to this cool little tiny lighthouse. I say little tiny not out of any real knowledge because this was the first one I'd seen, but just in my head I imagine them bigger. But we took a lot of great pictures out there, and generally had an awesome day. We also had some of the best cherry truffles ever!
This was the most awesome sign on the walk out to the lighthouse.

Abbey all not. This wall though was aweomse, it was like natural photoshop!

So then I relented and we were both smiling!

Then we went to go we climbed down the cool little ladders.

And then just prettiness.

Monday: Shopping and daddy daughter time. No pictures from this but it was great fun to go shopping and find many wonderful things and then have dinner with daddy who had flown in for the day. I did take some other pretty scenery pictures that I could  mess around with and have fun so I of course need to show them off!

And my fav:


Abbey said...

I lurve you.