Sunday, November 1, 2009


I think I am one of the few people who really truly LOVES Halloween. Most the time I don't do very much but that's just because if I started I would have to go all the way out and I don't have the means/time/energy to do that. But I do love it. I love thinking of costumes, seeing little children, candy, all of it. This year though I just focused on my costume, and I'm just going to show one picture because it really isn't that exciting. As I look back my costume was lame which makes me sad, but I was really excited about it anyway and I had a lot of fun. I went to one party and was really excited by the originality of other people's costumes. They were all so dang cute. I think I need to start thinking now about next year....
I was a rockstar btw. I was going to grab my guitar hero fake guitar but I forgot/thought I would be even more of a dork.

What was however interesting about the night was on the way home. I had my roommate Shannon in the car with me, we turned the corner onto our street and notice this guy in a long black trench coat seemingly waiting to cross the street. Then I notice that they guy is wearing a hockey mask like Jason (the horror film, there should be more information probably to describe him but I have none, he didn't have a chainsaw). So we turn the corner then he starts crossing the street and walking slowly down our street. Whoa. Okay here my mind starts going through horror film scenarios and I am internally freaking out because one I stop the car I have to put my boots back on! By the time we get out of the car the guy has made it almost to us and is still just walking slowly. We both non-chalantly walk to our door, making some kind of conversation about anything other than the horror film character following us. Then get to the door hurriedly get it open, get inside, and then proceed to check ALL our doors to make sure they are securely locked! Now guy was probably just doing this for effect, maybe he was even just walking.....creepy creepy night walking (at 12:30am!) but really. It was scary.