Sunday, November 8, 2009

we creep because we love

My bestest friend Lauren just came to visit me this weekend and we got to talking about our lives and it came up that one or the other of us saw a picture on the other's Facebook. Then we apologized for creeping. But then we both came to the conclusion that really, we creep because we love! How else would I know right after it happened that Laur thought she ruined a perfectly good picture?! Honestly though I only look around at people that I'm intersted in and genuinly like. Which is how I came across the fact that a lot of people in my ward have blogs! What fun! And so I started looking at all these fun people's blogs. I have discovered a couple things from this:

*One I am way more uninteresting than I originally thought. Disappointing.
*Two I'm okay with being boring because my friends and people I creep are so interesting and fun! So I can live through them/waste time reading about their lives/avoid doing work. Win-Win for everyone! My ward is really the best ever.

Hahaha my inadequacies aside though it's really fun to discover new ways to creep people! And I just have to step up my blogging game : ).


Amy said...

I guess now that I'm on your blogroll I can come out in the open about having been creeping around your blog for awhile :)

Heidi said...

Oh of course! Haha love it!

k janelle said...

This made me laugh. I feel way better about being creepy now. :)