Friday, June 13, 2008

Cali Trip: Act I - Disneyness

The beginning of the end. It was a cold dark night when we arrived... Haha just kidding, really it's just the beginning of my trip. We'll go step by step through this so it's not one giant long post with 4000 pictures....

Okay so this the beginning of our trip, the Disney portion of our adventure. So we were in Anaheim for three days. I wish I could show you the hotel we stayed in. It was the California Grand Hotel located right almost inside California adventure. From the first two pics you can see how close we were and the view we could get of some of the rides. So our first day we spent at California Adventure which houses such rides as Tower of Terror, California Screamin' (the roller coaster with mickey's ears), and Soarin' Over California. We rode Tower 3 times throughout the day, it got better each time and I got more nervous each time. Possibly because I knew what was coming. Although the first time totally caught me OFF guard because it's set up differently than the one in Florida so I wasn't expecting the switch up. We rode California Screamin' twice, it's an awesome roller coaster that goes around Mickey's ears and up and down. It's one of those ones that starts you off with jet propulsion which I think makes it better because the creaking up hills really stresses me out because I can't stop thinking about all the forces and how much stress must be in it. Haha lame I know. Soarin' Over California is this cool ride that is like a 3d ride because you're sitting in a chair and they lift you up so your feet are dangling then you're in front of a huge screen and they turn you and have air blowing in your face so you feel like you're flying. And the pictures were cool, all the different parts of Cali. We were a little sad that we didn't get to ride the ferris wheel, it has gondolas that move, they go around a track so it's like a ride ferris wheel. But they stopped it right before we got on... We also were delayed in riding a crazy town ride that is about Goofy and his roadtrips. But what's significant about it being delayed is that we walked past and it wasn't open so Kelly (Cory's mom) went to ask why not. She comes back and says "It's closed for a while because someone got their arm cut off in the ride." I think my reaction was "Oh my gosh are you serious?" And these other people eavesdropping like gasped, and then Kelly goes "No of course not, they wouldn't tell me that." Haha funniest thing ever also because of the foreign people listening in to our convo. Oh it made me laugh the entire time we were there. So that was CA Adventure, so much fun!

The next day was Disney itself where the old school rides are like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Indy, Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and stuff like that. They were all so much fun. It was fun to plan out where we were going next and then go across the park back and forth to all of the things. For Splash Mountain it was funny because through the entire trip we were really lucky in getting to be at the front of all the lines (like Tower we sat in the front row twice out of three rides) and SM was no exception. So we're going up and realize we're going to be in the front of the ride (i.e. the soaking portion). So Kelly says oh I'll just sit in the back okay? You two get the front. Then Cory says Heidi I want you to sit in the front.... So Heidi sits in the front, and gets completely drenched.... Haha it was pretty funny though, seriously there was one dry portion on my back....And I loved the realization that your butt is always the last thing to dry out! We also saw this little production of the history of Disneyland, since it was the first one ever. It was cool, Steve Martin hosted and I didn't know that he got his start at Disneyland. I think that's so cool!

Overall it was such a fun part of the vacay and I bought lots of fun stuff! I also realized about myself though that I am not exactly a people person. I mean I can handle the crowds because I was expecting them, but when you can't get any open space around you because 13 year old little brats are talking to their friends and cutting you in line, I get a little annoyed... The little kids though running around are so freakin adorable because you can tell they are just loving being there. Even the ones who are almost shaking because they're so scared to go on Tower of Terror. Alright, so ends the saga of Cali Trip: Act I - Disney.


Kara said...

I hardly think that disliking the annoying 13 year olds with their own cell phones who run around as if the actual world doesn't exist qualifies you as a non-people person.

Heidi said...

That's good! I mean it's hard to believe that would annoy me, but it does.