Friday, June 13, 2008

Cali Trip: Act III - San Fran

In this act the cast explores Concord, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Oakland, San Francisco, and the Muir Woods. All in the space of two days.

So this was the last leg of our trip before our 15 hour car trip home. We stayed with Cory's grandparents in Concord which is really pretty. It reminds me of San Diego where my aunt used to live. So we got there and the night that we got there we went to a play called Musical! And it's sort of a parody of all the great screen writers, like Rogers and Hammerstein and Andrew Loyd Webber, but in their parody they're actually honoring them. It was good and really made me want to see all those plays. I love Broadway and LOVE the music. I decided that I'm going to get the music that I'm missing so I can listen to it more often.

The next day we went to the Oakland temple to pick up the grandparents then we drove into San Francisco by way of the Bay Bridge. First of all, Cory's grandfather, I love him because he's constantly talking and telling stories. So we're beginning to go across the bridge and he says, the just fixed one of these spans because it just collapsed during the last earthquake. Okay I'm secretly (or not so secretly) terrified of bridges. I don't know why but they just scare me. So this was THE wrong time to be saying this to me.... I was thinking, oh my gosh, we're going to die, these things are not stable and we'll just go down into the bay. Crap. But we made it across...whew. Then we went to Pier 39 and wandered around the shops and saw the sea lions and Alcatraz. Found out that there are sharks in the bay haha, that was a fun fact. Then we were going up and down the streets, literally. I didn't realize just how steep those streets are, it's insane. I would not have a standard there! We saw the trolleys going all over the place and we even got to drive down Lombard Street; the crookedest street in America! That was a trip, and people actually live off the street, it would be so annoying to me to have to drive down that street every day! Then we went shopping at Macy's, get this, just the women's store, is 7 stories high! It was the biggest deparment store I've ever seen.

The next day we took a little day trip to the other side of the bay, across from the Golden Gate, although we didn't get to drive over it. On the way to the Muir woods we saw San Quinton, which I have to say is a massive and scary looking prison. We were going to the Muir Woods to see the huge redwood trees. These are not the incredibly massive ones that you can supposedly drive your car through, they are still huge. This forest was so pretty looking and it was crazy because the trees have a damping effect, so even though there were tons of people there it was still so quiet. It was one of the prettiest places I've ever seen. I felt like an ant walking around in the trees. And the dear that were there so didn't care about us, they were just munchin away on grass. And there were like thousands of ladybugs flying around! It was so insane, they were all over the place. There's one picture where it looks like I have a sock puppet on my hand but really I was just examining the huge ladybugs that kept landing on me. And everything was bigger there. The clovers were as big as my palm it was crazy. Then after that we drove down to a beach by the Pacific. I nearly upchuckied my cheese because the road was so windy right along the cliffs of the coast but the beach was really pretty. It always amazes me to look out on the ocean and just see water....

So that was our trip, there was lots of shopping thrown in there but those are the highlights!

Jokes for the trip:
  • Geez if we were going 97 we'd be there by now!! (haha speeding....)
  • Oh it's closed because someone got their arm cut off. (true story)
  • Maybe they like that here, it is California.
  • Oh my gosh I've never heard this song!?!?!?! (What You Got - Colby O'Donis)


Abbey said...

Yay there's more! Love it. Also, upchuckied my cheese, I submit as the funniest thing Ben has ever said. And seeing Dad laugh like that is also equally awesome. Kudos to Ben for introducing that phrase into our lives. I laugh even now. I looked at the pictures before I read the post and I was seriously wondering what on earth you were doing with your hand, so thanks for explaining the lady bug thing.

Heidi said...

Haha ya I was checking it out on my hand then looked over at Cory right as she took the pic. So I knew it was going to look like I had a little friend hanging out with me, except and invisible puppet.