Friday, June 13, 2008

Cali Trip: Act II - Tahoan

In this act we are in Tahoe California, Trukee, and Kings Beach.

This is the part of our trip where we spent the longest amount of time. 7 days to be exact. You might notice the disparity of number of pictures compared to any other act of our trip. Well there's good reason for this. First, we didn't do much, we relaxed!! Second, neither one of us did our hair the entire time or ever really got in real clothes, we lounged in pajamas. Haha it was glorious. Cory's mom was with us for about half the week so we sat and watched Veronica Mars season DVDs and an Aussie soap that Cory now has me addicted too.... We also played dominoes and Gin Rummy and read magazines and books and slept late and walked. Oh all the things you love to do when you relax. We actually only went to the beach one day out of 7 because it was kind of cold, and windy. And I don't do wind. I think it is an unnecessary weather pattern. Actually no because it's probably the most useful but really it bothers me. I don't enjoy it at all. But anyway, back to relaxing....oh wait that's all there was. We made some excursions into Trukee which was a fun small town. We shopped a little there had an amazing sugar cookie. At least I think it was amazing....Kelly ate most of it before I could get to it. Haha.

This act was fun because we just sat around talking and laughing and having fun. Making fun of characters on the shows, debating story lines and other such fun things as this. It was a little tense when I beat Kelly at dominoes, but the rematch was bad luck bears for Heidi so she was happy again after that :). I must also say that I freakin loved being cold. It was Paradise for me being able to be in sweats and a hoodie under a blanket on the couch watching tv. Paradise.

Thus ends Act II of Cali Trip. After a short intermission the cast will return for their final Act. Feel free to enjoy snacks or other delectables you may have brought with you.


Abbey said...

That looks fabulous! Now I want to go and do all of those things myself. Kelly's arm getting cut off moment is really funny, I can totally picture it happening. Thanks for the purse and the bracelet and the painting for K!!