Sunday, September 7, 2008

I don't want to step on anyone's beliefs here.... we go.

HAHAHAHA I L.O.V.E. Brian Regan and I'm so glad that he has come out with a new DVD. His piece on Saturday was priceless! The part I just quoted was when he's bashing (quite well) on psychics who 'talk with the dead'. It was awesome.

Second favorite part: when he's discussing Pluto's planet status and some guy from the crowd just yells "The big yellow one is the Sun!!" Haha it was awesome because he goes, thanks for that, we're doing a tv special right now haha. I can't wait to watch it again.

In other news: Football is back!! And I'm going to get my trashed kicked by my loving father. Ha, my fantasy team is maybe phenomenal but this week it wasn't arranged correctly, as evidenced by the fact that my bench has more points that my team and I didn't even score that low. But I'll do better next week. In the mean time my dad is going to have a one up on me. Unless of course Adrian Peterson scores some major touchdowns tomorrow night, which we all know is possible! I'm also glad that Brett Favre won on his first game as a Jet after the Packers let him go thinking him outdated. I love the guy, he carried my fantasy team last year and I love it. All I can say I hope this season is good (Tom Brady isn't too hurt so he can trash everyone else...) and my team doesn't go from fantasy to fantnasty!!


Kara said...

Ahh, that was my fave line too! I think I'm going to start using that in my lectures- you know, preface it when I have to cover those touchy topics we were talking about at lunch? Nobody'd be offended by that, right?

My other favorite part was at the beginning when he was talking about how you never hear anything bad about reading, and then did the debate between the professor and the non-reader. I can't even quote what he was saying as the person who hated reading because it was something only he could pull off, but it was HILARIOUS! I'm going to show that clip in the beginning of my classes from now on before I show my students how many books they have to read for the semester.

Heidi said...

Oh YES!! I love it, it was awesome. And then the professor just straightens his tie and goes, I rest my case. I'm giving the rest of my time to my opponent, it's only fair.

There's one part where he said "well that's Handy" in such a hilarious way, I'm going to incorporate that into my vocabulary but I can't remember why he said it...I guess I'll just have to watch it again.

Kara said...

Oh, I don't remember that line either. Good thing I taped it!