Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Got this from Abbey, thought it was pretty interesting and I don't want to do homework at the moment...

I am: a girl, trying to find it.
I think: that music makes everything better
I know: that I could not live without my family
I want: to not have to worry about what's going to happen with school
I dislike: hypocrisy, not knowing
I miss: playing soccer, my parents
I fear: people won't like me
I hear: House, Ab and Ben discussing something
I smell: nothing...oh wait, the sage bath salts I just used
I crave: running
I cry: when I don't know what to do in a fight
I search: for interesting things every day
I wonder: if my presentation will be okay on Thursday
I regret: many choices and that I'm not as good as I could be
I love: laughing and intellectual conversations
I care: about making people happy
I always: am willing to look at cars
I worry: that I won't be a good engineer
I am not: convinced of everything people tell me
I remember: days when stress was not being able to see Lauren for an hour
I believe: exercise is one of the best ways to use your time
I dance: only when alone
I sing: all the time, there is always a song in my head
I don't always: see the use in some conversations
I argue: only when I'm truly passionate, banter on the other hand is an entirely different story
I write: to say the words that I can't say out loud to the people I'm not so good at talking to
I win: when I'm logical
I lose: an astonishing amount of items, but I manage to find them all...I think
I listen: to what you say
I don't understand: how good intentions can't carry me through
I can usually be found: doing homework or procrastinating the homework I should be doing
I am scared: of bridges
I need: knowledge
I forget: the ecstasy that comes from feeling in control of school
I am happy: when I understand, when I feel needed, when I am around the people I love.


Kara said...

You fear bridges? What's the back story on that? I wonder if that's a common fear for us desert dwellers that can overwhelmed by too much water at one time or in one place, since its so foreign for us. :)

Heidi said...

Um... I don't really know... I just don't like bridges of any kind, over water or not. I get kind of tense when I go over them. But at the same time I'm fascinated by looking over the edge. I have this fear that as I'm driving over it, it will fall down. I constantly plan whether I will die if that happens. When that bridge in Minnesota fell...ya that confirmed all those fears.