Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I feel I must explain something about myself. I laugh. A lot. I laugh when something about the situation is funny, I laugh when I think back on some situation that was funny, I laugh when something about the situation reminds me of something else that was funny, I laugh at sarcasm, I laugh at my own thoughts that I don't share with other people, I laugh at people's conversations I may be eavesdropping on. I laugh a lot. I almost never laugh AT people. Well people I know at least. I respect them far too much for that. I also have the horrible tendency to laugh uncontrollably when I get nervous. And I do mean uncontrollably. I try to stop because it's awkward and I laugh even harder. I can't stop it. It just has to run its sidesplitting course. (any doubts on this ask Abbey because we share the same sickness, and an example would be when there was a cat in Abbey's garage and Ben went to get it out and Ab and I are almost on the ground laughing so hard) And if I feel like my laughing is being taken the wrong way, I get nervous and laugh even harder. This presents me the awesome opportunity of having many really fun times and lots of laughter.... with people that I know. People that I don't know however, I fear tend to think that I'm either crazy or mean. I honestly don't laugh at people, I laugh at the situation.... and then when someone mentions that I'm being mean, and I'm surrounded by people I don't know, I try to choke out the words that I'm not laughing at them, but can hardly do it because I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. I really love to laugh but I'm thinking I should just consider wearing something on my forehead that states that I just love to laugh and I would never be mean to these people. I like these people that I hardly know and I just wish they knew me a little better so I didn't have to worry that they just think I'm a total beast or something like that... Ah how I love to laugh, but it does get me in trouble sometimes.


Abbey said...

Or when I am pushing the stroller across the road hurriedly and a car is coming and the stroller is shaking uncontrolably (therefore not moving fast enough) and Ben is standing safely on the other side of the street wondering what my problem is.